Monday, October 20, 2008

Black Friday

Hello all you beautiful people.

This past Friday I decided it was time to give back to the MSU tri club that has given me so much. I decided that my gift would be pain. Every Friday I am leading a workout called Black Friday. It consists of either a strength training workout targeted at running or a 5k race coupled with strength. The goal is to make it hard enough that it would make Mel Gibson denounce Catholicism and force Lance Armstrong to admit to doping. We did our first strength training workout and I got a little over excited. Amazing turnout of about 20-25 masochists. We embarked on our excruciating journey, hand in hand (for team bonding purposes). It was delightful. Our quads and bottoms annihilated, we disbanded to let the muscle damage seep in. The next day was horrible for me. It was comparable to what I felt after Ironman Wisconsin. I could barely sit down. I had to walk down hills backwards. I was as useless as Britney Spears Parenting. Sorry Brit. It has taken 3 days and I am not recovered. Perhaps it was a bit too black so I am going to lighten the hue of the following fridays to a dark grey or charcoal. Still...Watch out for the Spartans. I going to turn us all into monsters.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Eating cream puffs for breakfast

Hello blogging community. You look well today. I am well too. I have good news for you. I didn't blow up at Purdue. My swim was decent. I was within 2 seconds of my predicted time. My bike was a bit weak but I picked up spots on the swimmers ahead of me to set up my run. On the run I had a steady first 5k at 6:15's then worked the last 5k at 6:05's for a 2nd overall finish on a fairly strong field. What is that you say, blogging community? You thought I would blow up, like a marshmallow peep in a microwave? How rude. But yes, I thought I would too.

In other news, the drink of choice for the fall is Captain Morgans and Cider. But be careful, blogging community. You can't really taste the rum and I know how you have a problem holding your liquor. Remember when we were tailgating two weeks ago and you puked on that nice girl's shoes? Oh you don't? Well that's no surprise. You should always drink responsibly, blogging community. You embarrassed both of us last time.