Monday, April 25, 2011

To Live and Die in L.A.

Hey Bloggers!

How are you? HA! Like I care. This is my time to shine...

I was out on a ride and decided to bring Cait's camera to show you guys how things are in LA. WINNING. Despite putting myself at great personal risk, I have managed to capture images of these famous LA landmarks. I'm sure you'll recognize them. Keep in mind, this was all on one ride!!

View from Charlie Sheen's Bathroom. He pees tiger blood.

View from Willow Smith's Helicopter Landing Pad.

View from Ozzy Ozbourne's Hen House.

View from Dr. Dre's flipped corvette

View from my brain...looking down.

Really it was just a pretty ride in the Santa Monica mountains that I figured I would share.

Sorry to be so surly and rude, Bloggers. I hope you'll keep reading. It was only a joke. Don't be so sensitive.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Crazy train

I’ve got a few updates for you starting with gear and ending with racing.


I have been buying/ selling gear like mad lately. The last effort was selling off a crankset. I popped it on craigslist and had a couple bites. I ended up arranging a meeting with a guy as I was on the way to a race this weekend. I kind of hate craigslist as it seems sort of like a meeting place for the filthy underbelly of society. Sort of if you took the ethics and rules out of ebay. But…unlike ebay, they don’t take a cut of sales. I am sick of paying out to ebay. Anyway, it felt like a drug deal as I rolled up into a parking structure and the guy opened his trunk up. He examined the crank and got out 600 dollars in cash. Before he handed it to me, he started talking about testosterone therapy…. WHOA… pump the brakes! I said, “you mean doping?” Long pause…then he said, “uhhh yeah.” He opened a cooler in his trunk and showed me a bunch of IV bags and crap. I asked if he was doing it for pros or what. He said yeah we do semi pros, pros, and a lot of 40+ guys trying to recapture their youth. I was visibly disgusted as he quickly put it away saying, “ oh you’re too young, you can get the benefit with a good diet.” I didn’t say anything, took his money and left.

Wow. That was my first real exposure to PEDs and I was grossed out. Depressing and jading to think this is going on.


Anyway, 600 dollars richer, Cait and I continued on, driving to the race. It was a 5k run/ 11 mile bike/150 yard swim reverse tri. Weird small race with tons (relatively) of money on the line. 2k for first, 700 for second, and 300 for third. Usually I like to race a strong field, but I’m not gonna lie, I was hoping for a field full of cream puffs. No luck. About 7 legit guys showed up and I knew I was in for it. The gun went off and I went out super hard. I hit the halfway point at about a 16:40 5k pace. I was hurting and still well behind the leader! I tried to settle down and get some good turnover. I faded but managed to finish the 5k in 17:10 which was fast for me but still 2 min behind the leader... ridiculous. I hopped onto the bike in 9th place after a sloppy t1 in which I lost two places. I desperately tried to reel people in as the 150 yard swim was basically a formality. I was dead on the pedals but still moving well on the hilly, 3-loop course. I picked off 3 people but the top guys just worked me over and a couple put a little time into me on the bike. 6th overall, but out of the money. I was happy with the effort and the run time but dang...People are fast. 6 guys were under 17 on the 5k with the leader going 15:10-ish on a rolling course! Insane.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Food mistakes

So my recent food habits have me feeling like these are my confessions. (imagine a velvety smooth baseline)

Listen to Usher "confessions pt II" before you read this if you can't imagine the tune.

Watch this...
Just when I thought I could say all I could say, I go and eat 10 pieces of french toast in one single day/these are my confessions/man I'm lost and I don't know what to do so I gotta give you part two of my confessions/
If I'm gonna tell it then I gotta tell it all/ damn near cried when I ate that pound of bacon/ man I'm lost and I don't know what to do but to give you part three of my confessions/
This gon' be the hardest thing I think I ever had to do/ at night dreaming and talking to myself "just eat you know you to"/ I think I told you that last midnight I was creeping in creeping in/ the fridge and everything you know I'm eating it/
First thing that came to mind was sweets/ second thing was I probably need something salty to eat/ Third thing was me wishing that I never did what I did/ feeling horrible shame/ and only with myself to blame.

I feel better. Thanks for listening, bloggers...I could only do that in song. The wounds are still too raw just like the bacon was.

I've eaten about a tub of butter in 2 days, 2 packs of bacon, 1.5 loaves of bread, a container of maple syrup and honey. I have a problem...That's the first step.

Friday, April 1, 2011


This video to me is absolutely NASTY. I sort of hate this nonsense about how this race is like life and the deepness of it all. What a romantic notion...but to me it's gritty. I tend to look at it like this: that girl let her guts and adrenaline take over when she could have just called it a day and that is what gets me about racing. She refused to listen to that little voice that says, "no, I can't" or "well I guess it's over" or "maybe next year". She knew there are no second chances. There are just discreet moments.

The best thing about this is that she actually won. Even if she hadn't, she raced and didn't just run.

My sister was there to see that race first hand. She races the same way. Damn, I love that. Not many people do, even at the pointy end of the field. I love to see that fight. It's good to watch hard ass racers.