Sunday, August 29, 2010

In the books

Still rolling.

Longest training day this year is done... 83 mile ride and 6 mile transition run. The paces were really good even with a decent amount of climbing. The run was really quick but the effort level was high. I am figuring out what I am capable of on the bike pace/ effort wise... what my tolerances are in terms of variations in wattage/ heart rate. I am getting close to hitting the nutrition right as much as I hate streaming gu into my system for hours on end. It boils down to gu, endurolytes (salt pills), and tons of water. It is clean and sits well.

That workout scared me again. Tons of work to be done still. I was laughing deliriously on that run thinking what a stupid thing Ironman is... it really is. It is an obscene amount of exercise. Gu had to be invented because normal food couldn't do the job for such stupid tasks. Salt pills? Seriously? How could this be anything but a fringe sport? Somehow it is growing despite how obviously idiotic it is.

Next up... long run, hammer fest bike, and SUPER distance bike.

Friday, August 27, 2010


'Well, there you have touched upon something, Andrea, because that's it right there. The thing itself is the absence of compromise. There are available. I wish there was someway to explain it. The thing...doesn't dilute'- Once a Runner

I always am pleased with myself when I can silence the voice to cut corners in training. I don't have issues with that voice in racing, but in training that voice is omnipresent as I do a ton of stuff alone.

I am especially happy when the stuff that I don't short change is a real stretch...

The first one I didn't cut short was my 16 mile run... It was a 3 lap run with my plantar faciatis acting up on the first lap, and some unrelated foot pain on the second lap. Both had me thinking about throwing it in, but I chipped away at it and finished properly in 90 degree heat.

The second one was yesterday. The workout was ride 15 min warm up, 45 minutes @ Ironman pace then a 3 mile run @ Ironman pace then back on the bike for 1 hr @ Half Ironman pace and finishing with a 5.5 mile run @ HIM pace. Tough if done well. The short cut voice was getting seriously creative with ways to alter this workout to make it easier. All sorts of permeatations of shorter runs and rearranged orders were popping up in my little brain.

Bottom line is if I am short cutting training, I might as well forget the sport in any sort of competitive sense and do something easier like watch movies or eat fried chicken. I wouldn't have to bother with energy gels and the smell of chlorine.

But... I didn't mess with the workout at all! Totally done the right way... It turned me inside out and I woke up 7 times last night just totally screwed up... The good news is I am nailing some really fast paces in my workouts with relatively low heart rates. All the effort levels are in line and I am MOVING on the bike and the run is solid. Still rolling.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Pip Taylor interview

Pip Taylor is a professional triathlete based out of the US and Australia. She can tear up everything from ITU to non drafting Olympics (win at Memphis in May) and 70.3's, with multiple podiums and a win at Vineman. She is also a nutritionist and contributor to triathlete magazine. Let's see what she has been up to...

JP: Pip, Thanks so much for taking the time. First question, how did you get into triathlon?

Pip: Basically I came to the end of High School and was a little tired of just swimming as a sport and wanted a new challenge. I had also competed in athletics as a junior and after undergoing Talent Identification testing Triathlon seemed like an attractive option! Within 6 months I was racing professionally – so it was very much initiation by fire.

JP: I know you split time between Australia and the US. Where are you based in AUS? US?

Pip: I live in Lennox Head, a small surfing community on the East Coast of Australia and in Lawrence Kansas over the US season.

JP: Which is better and why?

Pip: Both are great places and I enjoy differing aspects of each. One thing they have in common is that they are both relatively small and have a strong community feel and love of sport.

JP: Shifting gears to training, what would be your ideal training day? Walk us through morning to night.

Pip: Training as hard as I can till I fall over and sleep all night!

JP: If you could be a one sport athlete, which would you chose?

Pip: Running – travelling without a bike and not having to get wet on cold days would be great!

JP: Best thing about triathlon?

Pip: Variety of training, the challenge of combining three sports and being able to compete in some amazing countries and towns.

JP: Worst?

Pip: Easy – travelling with a bike.
JP: I love seeing your uni’s because you always have amazing customized kit. Who designs your racing stuff? (check out for pictures)

Pip: I am very happy to be working with AB Pro ( - we are working from scratch to design and build a high performance triathlon line with the big advantage being 1 piece minimum orders. This means that everyone can get some really cool and individual kit for themselves every season! I also work with Kristin Mayer of Brand Betty ( designs who pieces everything together graphically.

JP: As a nutritionist, what is something that the average person doesn’t do in their diet that they should start immediately doing?
Pip: Have variety in your diet and eat real foods that don’t come from a packet.

Lightning round:

Food you can’t live without? Fruit!

Coffee or tea? Coffee

Favorite candy? Swiss or Belgium Chocolate

Long run or intervals? Long Sunday morning trail run followed by the coffee shop is always high on the list.

Twilight question: Team Edward or Team Jacob? How about I didn’t have a clue what you were asking without Google! Ummmm…..neither

JP: I'll take that as a Team Jacob. Thanks SO MUCH for the time, Pip. Last question, can you give three nutrition tips for the age groupers out there?

Don’t over think it, but do take responsibility
Get back to basics – real, fresh food
Match your caloric needs to training

Find out more about Pip at

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mr. Glass

I was feeling fragile after my recovery week. The return to normalcy thing took way longer than usual. I was tired all the time but not sleeping, cranky, and muscles were feeling train wrecked.
Friday came and I snapped back big time. I was ready to jump out of my skin. I called my buddy who is like a workhorse and smacks himself around on a regular basis. Big day training is just called Saturday morning to him.

85 Miles on the bike 5 mile run off... Good way to kick off proper "dress rehearsal" ironman training.

I warmed up and found myself sitting easily at 21 mph into a head wind. I was pumped. The legs showed up to the party.... Once I settled into Ironman pace, I found the flow. I just grooved the whole time. Head wind then cross wind then tail wind and I was slipping along like a bar of soap.

I ended up averaging 22.8 mph for 85 miles which was a big surprise with the wind and some major rolling hills. I ended at my car and laced up. I had gotten behind on my nutrition and was a bit dizzy but settled into the pace well. Finished and nearly passed out in a Sandwich line. Sandwich brought me back to life.

Sunday was long run... 16 miles @ goal IM pace. 3 loops of about 5.3 miles. Sort of mind numbing and 87 degrees made the last loop a bit hairy but I was pumped with how it went. 87 and dry is not the Dominican Republic but still....Not enough water... no electrolytes. Basically drank a bottle of soy sauce after. Gatorade should do a flavors of the Orient line... Replenish with EXTREME Soy Sauce Berry and Recover with RIPTIDE Kung Pao Melon.

Lessons Learned:
Need more sodium in both of these workouts
Need to eat more food on the bike (200-250 is not enough... shooting for 400 next time)
Need more water running... 48 oz per hour

I think I could have licked off a good Ironman this weekend but probably not Kona good. I think 9:15 is going to be the ticket... and that still may be on the bubble.
  1. Need to get the food right...(salt tabs)
  2. Can't overcook training...(1 big day per wk)
  3. Must fear/ respect the distance... (long runs)
Huge start to the 2nd training block!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tony Stark

Let's set up the metaphor. Right now I am Tony Stark. Crippled and pathetic. Smart, charismatic, and good looking but that is about it. Crime fighter? No. Self-Absorbed? Check. Ironman? No.

I am in the process of building the Ironman. I'll unveil my Ironman in Florida in Early November. But it sucks and isn't ready yet. Imagine a legless Ironman suit that sputters and is about powerful enough to toast bread. However, the 1st block is done!

It took my narcissistic ass 3 weeks and here are some of the highlights.

Three long rides. two long runs, one mile repeat workout, one 40k all out followed by a hard 5k. 45+ hours of training.

Finally I get to rest and wait for the second round of construction. 5-7 days of recovery and sleep. The next block, I have to make sure the Ironman suit can fly... sort of like a turkey flies... life or death situations only. Then the block after that it should fly like a Canadian Goose! Then I'll worry about the paint job.

Before I leave... I leave you with this.

"You know, the question I get asked most often is, 'Tony, how do you go to the bathroom in your suit?' [Pauses, making relieved face] Just like that."

Pee on the bike.

Stark Out.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I am sitting here literally stunned...

My buddy asked me about a week ago to accompany him on a ridiculous workout... 5k in the pool to smash yourself and then 10x1 mile repeats all sub 6.... Monumental task. I can only assume he asked Jack Bauer to help him do it but he must have been busy so he asked me.

After 4k continuous in the pool and 5k total we jumped on the track.

I led out and we hit 5:59 on the button. Comfortable.
5:57 comfortable
5:57 comfortable
5:54 getting there
5:50 hurt
5:57 comfortable again
5:56 seeing the light at the end
5:56 light is too far
5:58 pain
5:50 killed it

We waged lightning war on the track... I thought there was no way we would hit all of the reps under six but there you have it. 10 miles all under 6. The best part... easy is the wrong word but it was controlled and within myself. I probably could have knocked off several more...

One more week of thrashing then recovery.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A good night

Friday night was a good night by anyone's definition of a good night. Webster defines good night as an evening that start with Mexican food and drinks and ends with several dance battles and more drinks. Having one of these nights was a good idea at the time.

Fast forward 10 hours and I was 10 minutes into my long ride, thinking I was not the sharpest tool in the shed. My legs felt like they were made of cotton candy and luke warm lasagna. I meandered around for a while pondering bagging the ride @ 2 hours instead of 4. But at about 40 miles in, the hangover just vanished. My lasagna legs turned into firm beef jerky legs of coiled steel and I actually finished the thing feeling relatively good.

Highlights of the ride include:
  • Eating 2 pickles mid ride which effectively cured my hangover
  • Seeing the Kim Kardashian Klan (Kim and family)
  • The last 40 minutes of hammering to get home
  • Finding new roads in an empty car-less canyon
Long run today