Sunday, February 28, 2010

Far out x 2

This weekend Myself, Caitlin and our friends, Doug and Stacey, rented a car and hopped on the road to spend a bit of time in Las Galeras. It is a small town on the north side of the island. Driving in Santo Domingo is like being the scared kid in bumper cars and trying to avoid contact at all costs. I decided this was not the route to go and got aggressive pretty quick. I love driving here. You get to assert yourself and if you do, the road is your oyster.

We got to our hotel at midnight and quickly realized it was pretty slick. It was on a cliff over looking the ocean. They had an amazing restaurant and the area was pretty cool for hiking, swimming, running and throwing coconuts at trees, which is a game I invented.

I got some pretty awesome running in while we chilled out, but the highlight was definitely a swim in the ocean. Like I said, our hotel was on a sheer cliff. They had a janky ladder down halfway then you kind of had to flop into the water. Entry- check. I got to swimming and it was really clear, deep water. I was going along and the chop picked up significantly in only 10 minutes. I swam back to get out, so as not to worry Cait. I tried to used a rope to climb out as the waves were threatening to crash me into the cliff wall. Exit- failed. Not scaring Cait- double failed.

There was no getting out so I realized the only option was to swim parallel to shore until the cliffs stopped. People were watching from the restaurant overlooking the cliff and I had created a little spectacle, to the obvious consternation of Caitlin. I swam off yelling, "worry about me in 4 hours" to her. I swam a mile and a half in some serious SERIOUS chop and found a place that looked ok to get out. I started riding chop in, only to realize that the entire sea floor was sharp coral. Awesome. I tried to make myself float as high as possible and rode the waves in til about 30 ft out. I then walked on the shards, praying to not cut my feet to ground beef. Prevent bloody feet- check. Got out and found Caitlin. I love you Cait and sorry to be such a pile.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Far out

I have weakened my resolve recently in terms of consuming honey. I have been doing well relatively to before I started, but I have not held firm. Excuses are like butts. Everyone has one and mine stinks so I won't give you that crap. I don't want to dwell on it so I'm moving on...

So one thing noteworthy is the bronze medal winner of women's cross country. I can't remember the distance but as I was watching the warm up, this idiot careened into a dried up river bed. She crawled out, obviously in agony. 4 years down the drain for a boneheaded maneuver. I don't even fall on xc skis.

Wrong. She rallied big time and won the bronze. She collapsed at the line grinding her teeth like someone was burning her internal organs. Turns out she had 4 broken ribs and a punctured lung. That is far out. This women is my new sporting hero.

Next random thing to check out:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Phil Mickelsen Wins at Augusta!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won my first multisport event outright! I have won a couple collegiate races but was always second to some elite. Never first across the line in anything other than 5k's.... tons of second places, tons of third places... til today! It was a duathlon of 10k run 40k bike 5k run and I took it out big time...

The first 10k I started out comfortable at the back of a group of about 10 runners who were going out too hard. I found a good rhythm and by the 5k I was sitting in 3rd and reeling on the 2nd place guy (he beat me by 15 seconds in the previous race. Should have pushed harder on the bike in that race but lessons learned)... I caught him with 2 k to go and we pushed each other from 6:15's to 5:45's coming into t2... I averaged 6:11's for the 10k so decent given I have 5 minutes of training at that speed in the last 4 months... everything has been aerobic... PLUS a negative split by about 15 seconds...
Pushing it into T1 with my new dominican rival

Good transition and came out smacking it hard into the wind. It was 4 loops of 10k and I pushed hard trying to stay on top of big gears. I saw Caitlin a ton which was cool. At one point she was reading a book when I went by and I yelled, "Stop reading Cait, I'm winning!"... I faded the last 20k but still averaged 24mph in some windy conditions and with 8 dead stops so I was pleased. I had also soloed my way in a draft legal race to a huge lead.

Another solid transition and I was off on the 5k. I felt like hell with my upper body super tight but I pushed hard.. I saw Cait at about the 1.5k mark and she yelled for me to get the win... Coming into the finish, I saw her and we screamed at each other kind of in disbelief. I airplaned into the finish ala Soccer celebrations and locked up my first win. I was pretty slow at about 6:20's but got the job done with 15 minutes to 2nd place (the guy who beat me last time)...

Overall, good hit out. I am pumped about my training because I have done literally no LT training or speedwork and my fitness is going through the roof with high volume steady training. Once I sprinkle a bit of quality into the training, It'll take it up a notch. I'm Emeril. BAM!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fading Down the Stretch

I failed last night and had a 2:30 eating session. Lent started at 12:00 and I have already failed. This is how I feel after my late night indulgence. Boo Hoo. You think Joey would ever love you, you pathetic blubbering toddler?

I need to figure out how to do this and I think it may involve eating some fat and protein before bed. I am also slipping in my honey consumption. It's a slippery slope and I need to start climbing back to the top. Lent has begun. The Jesus Gauntlet has been thrown down and if he can last in the wilderness for 40 days, I can make it 40 days without these boneheaded habits I have picked up.

Caitlin is feeling better and has been on an impressive streak of reading about a book everytime I blink and starving herself of coffee. She hasn't slipped once in the coffee area which is a testament to how stupid she is (also how strong willed). I even tried to break her in Cabarete with a hot chocolate laced with an espresso shot (accident). She sniffed it out like scruff mcgruff. I felt really bad cuz she has helped me by yelling, "Don't eat anything" when I wander downstairs in the middle of the night.

Scruff Mcgruff

Chicago, Illinois 60652

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sue me Keanu!

I have never seen someone with such dull eyes. He looks like he is constantly about 3 steps behind.

Just got back from a pretty slick trip to Cabarete. We stayed at an all inclusive. It was super relaxing but I have a feeling that they cause food poisoning as easily as Keanu Reeves' acting causes fits of dry heaving. Caitlin was a victim and as a result, Mr. Severin is substitute teaching for Ms. Dark today.

I hit some really good running out there and my week total ended up benig 52 miles which is my best for this year. The heat really bashed me around but this week is a little lighter so I will come around.

The challenges are coming along as well. However, I am not doing the greatest with the sugar challenge. I must confess that I have had several spoons of honey recently. I disgust myself. I will right this wrong... However, the eating at midnight challenge is really coming along well! I am on a roll and haven't eaten anything for about 6 night in a row... I still get up with serious hunger pains but I am learning to cope, just as I learned to cope with Keanu being successful. It is a constant struggle.

A star is born???

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Everyone who thinks they've got it made

Day 11- Sugar hasn't been an issue. I am doing well. Coffee is now a drink without sugar... no questions asked. The bees fury has died down in the past two days. They are getting used to not having full custody of my tastebuds. I did have an incident where I smashed a bee's stinger into my palm but I take full responsibility.

The eating at midnight challenge also took another baby step forward. Last night I made it til 3 am... This night I made it til 4:30am before having half a banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter. I am on my way and expect to make it til breakfast either today or tomorrow. How pathetic am I, that it takes all my will power just to make it to breakfast without gobbling something?

Day 12- Success! I made it the whole night and with a 3.5 hour bike ride in my legs and a hefty calorie deficit

Day 13- I might be able to do this! Great success. Two in a row. Caitlin's sister and Mom are here. We are off to the beach. I am stoked and also, no food until breakfast is forced when you are on the road so maybe I'll be able to swing it better. Sugar isn't even on the radar... an after thought. I am breaking my addiction. Maybe you should try it...

Day14- Again no problems. Sugar is almost out of the picture.

Everyone who thinks they've got it made take one step forward.... Not so fast Mr. Severin

Day 15- I am writing as I struggle. I have been up since 5:30am. We are at a hotel in Cabarete and I am ticking off the minutes until the hotel opens the restaurant for breakfast. I literally could not sleep tonight due entirely to hunger pains. Apparently I need to eat more during the day because oh dear. 17 minutes to go. No hope of sleep.

Scott Molina Interview

We’re here with ABSOLUTE LEGEND, Scott Molina. The man needs no introduction but then what would I write here? He is a pioneer of the sport and one of the big four (Molina, Tinley, Scott, and Allen). He has over 100 professional wins. He also has the 1988 Ironman World Championship to his name. He is currently living in New Zealand with his wife (who is also a triathlon legend) Erin Baker. He’s also ridiculously fit. What did you expect?

1988 Ironman World Champion

JP: Scott, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. First off, can you take us back and tell us how you got into triathlon?

SM: When I was a teen-ager in N. California I used to hop into some Biathlons (swim/run or run/swim) and raced Dave Scott a few times. I also used to watch a t.v. program on the network ABC called Wide World of Sports and in 1980 they televised the Hawaii Ironman from Oahu. Dave won it and I thought “I could kill that guy!” So I started looking for triathlons to do to get ready for it. In 1980 there were only about 10 triathlons in the world and most of them were in California so I did a few then went to Kona in ’81 and ate a big slice of humble pie.

JP: When did you decide to give triathlon your attention in terms of a way to pay the bills?

SM: The very first pro purses were in California in ’82 and I did well at them. Then at the end of that year the Nice Triathlon had good cash and I got my travel and accomodations paid by the race organizer and had a good race there getting 2nd to Mark Allen. (The run was a marathon that year – ouch!) There was a team there named Team JDavid based in San Diego and they offered to sponsor me, move me to San Diego and give me a stipend so my wife and I jumped at the chance. My daughter Jenny was 1&½ at the time.

JP: What would you be doing if triathlon hadn’t taken off?

SM: Good question! Probably swim coaching.

JP: You and Scott Tinley were known for epic days of training. Can you take us through what stands out in your mind as the most ridiculous training day you ever completed?

SM: There were lots of them both separately and together over the course of approximately 13 years we trained together. The dude could go long! We did a ride called the Cyamaca loop a few times quite solid – that’s 150 miloes. I think the hardest sessions were in the late 80’s training out in Palm Springs getting ready for Kona. He took me on some 40-45C out to Borrego and also a loop going the Banner Grade and then through Idylwild. The heat on those climbs was just unbelievable but he was a desert lizard. Honestly – the guy just doesn’t sweat! I needed about 4-5 times as much fluid as he did and I nearly died about 3-4 times out there.

JP: Back in the day, you guys were racing all distances and killing every one of them. How did you manage to stay versatile and be successful over all distances?

SM: It was a mater of racing for cash and sponsor bonuses. When you‘re winning you think you can do anything, and we didn’t know any better. We were always prepping for some ultra distance races so even when we were racing 20+ races year for a decade we were always going long as there were always at least a few long races to get ready for. I know now I certainly would have done better at the shorter races if I had just given up on trying to win the long ones. I was always useless in the long, hot ones compared to ST, Grip and Dave.

JP: That being said, which distance was your bread and butter?

SM: Hilly Olympic Distance races for sure. I never lost any of those until Mike Pigg came along.

JP: In your career, which race stands out as being your best?

SM: Probably one of my 2 wins at a race called “The World’s Toughest" in Lake Tahoe in the 80’s. That race just agreed perfectly with me as it had so much climbing and wasn’t too hot. I think the year it snowed was my best performance. I was sorry to see that race disappear and even sorrier to see no other race like it in my career. EmbrunMan in France comes close and I loved that race too.

JP: How did you find the transition out of being a full time triathlete?

SM: OOOOOhhhhh …. That wasn’t pretty. First I was a physical wreck with a horrible low back. I missed my friends, the travel and the adrenaline of racing terribly. Lucky I had my dear wife to look after me and she allowed me lots of time to get my shit together. I think I painted our old wooden house in Christchurch for a full year when I first retired. I think I drank a dozen beers a day for that whole year.

JP: How did you come to be involved in Epic Camp?

SM: I started it with Gordo Byrn who was a training buddy and protégé of mine around 2002. We figured there had to be some people like us out there who wanted to really go for it in training in a fully supported, competitive environment and cover some new territory. We wanted it to be more like a stage race than what people normally think of when they hear the term “training camp”. So we held the first one here in the South Island in 2003. We wanted it to be a unique experience every time so we always planned to move it around. I’m really looking forward to going back to Colorado in August and to the French Alps in 2011.

JP: Lightning round!

Favorite Beer? That might be the hardest question you could possibly ask me. Currently its Tieri George by Emerson’s (a Dunedin, NZ brewery). Leffe Blond is my gold standard when travelling the world.

Favorite Candy? Caramello by Cadbury.

Favorite Training Session? Shirtless run on my Port Hills trails on a sunny summer’s day (finishes with a beer or two and a hot tub in the back yard).

JP: Scott, thanks a lot for your time. One final Q, what would be your best tip for the Age Grouper out there?

SM: Get up early nearly every day of your life. Make that part of your life until you die. No one is going to interrupt your training at 5am. Get up and get moving and get something done.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Beginning of the end

Day 10- The sugar cravings are starting to fade. I am no longer craving sweets after meals and it is getting easier. I am trying to undo a lot of damage inflicted by lucky charms and nestle during my formative years and I think I am making headway.

Helloggs- Net Weight 666oz.

Also in my challenge to not eat after nine and before six, I failed but I also succeeded. I woke up twice and resisted the urge. Unprecedented. Then at 3 I walked down to the kitchen... not in my usual auto pilot... but fully aware of what I was doing. I was starving and as I opened the fridge Caitlin yelled, "Don't eat anything, Jape." Guilt-ridden, I thought about it but decided that I needed to take the edge off. I had a half a spoon of peanut butter and half a small banana. Tiny in comparison to my usual binges. I woke up hungry for breakfast which is something I haven't been in a while. Baby steps.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New challenge and getting back on track

Day 8- After a brief tumble off the wagon, I righted the ship. Coffee tests me every time but hasn't broken me yet. My workouts today were stellar after taking Friday super easy. I completed a track test workout with solid results and a strength swim in the morning. Went home and crashed then woke up and hammered out some big gear work on the bike. I was eating up the road and nearly ran over a very mangy looking dog and a not so mangy looking kid. I may have clipped the dogs tail it was so close. Diet was super clean today with oatmeal, bananas, chicken, and veggies.

Day 9- Feeling yesterdays workouts. My glutes feel like someone detonated them. Coffee was the prescription. No sugar. I went for a run which went pretty well. Cruised at about 6:40 pace which is too fast but felt good. Then loaded up for what was intended to be a big ride. Got out the door and couldn't turn the pedals over. I was absolutely blasted. I pushed for an hour to see if I would come around then had a gatorade for the first time in forever to see if I could jolt out of it... nothing. I pulled the plug to save it for next week and waddled home. I got my blood sugar up with a papaya shake at the Cafetera, an incredible local coffee shop... sadly it included a tbspn of added sugar... vows broken again. So today the failings include gatorade and a tbspn of sugar in a shake. I knew the addiction would be hard to break but I am making progress.

I'm now starting a new challenge as writing about my transgressions has been very effective to keep me honest.

The rules are no food from 9pm to 6am... I have been in the habit of snacking at midnight to 1 every night since training for Ironman Wisconsin (which did very odd things to my body) with very few exceptions. I am now trained to eat at that time as if it was lunch time. It has almost been two years of this stupid counter productive behavior. This will stop too.

OH AND STAY TUNED FOR A SCOTT MOLINA INTERVIEW... HA! You probably just peed your pants. Go change. You disgust me.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Shame shame forever shame

This pathetic bear needed another hit.

Day 6- I had a rough go of it today as I resisted adding sugar to anything but I broke and had a chocolate bar covered in peanut butter. Phenomenal but counter productive. Then Caitlin made pudding. I had that smothered in Peanut butter as well. To combat the chocolate binging I was on my trainer for a focused 3 hour session. It went really well given my legs were smashed. It was so hard that it monkeyed with my sleep cycle.

Day 7- Getting good with this no sugar in the coffee thing. The bees though were back and their fury was something to behold. I didn't back down and it quickly turned into a blood bath. 10 bees in total. 7 confirmed kills. One attempted a suicide mission of dive bombing me and crawling up my shirt. The shirt was off in half a second and his air space was invaded with poisonous gas. Forget it, terrorist.

Looks harmless. Not so fast....check his appendix for plastic explosives.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fighting the good fight

What once was a beautiful and harmonious relationship has ended in a ugly divorce.
No one wins.

I think the bees in the dominican have excommunicated me and are out for blood. It is getting ridiculous. Every single morning several bees fly into our window and swirl around, obviously pissed. I have never seen anything like it. I am usually not one for violence but passive resistance is impossible with these creatures. We have bug killer and I go to town with it. I have killed 10-20 bees in the last week but some are quite clever and hijack me by sitting on my clothes for up to ten minutes before stinging me. They have an agenda. Caitlin thinks I am losing it but those bees know about the challenge and they aren't pleased. I'll keep you posted as I fight for my life.

Day 4- Massive struggle to not put sugar or fake sweetener in coffee... Got my sugar fix from bananas and peanut butter and peanuts and raisins. These are my sugar life lines. I think I'm doing ok so far but I am quickly becoming wildly addicted to Caffeine. That challenge might need to start very soon.
Day 5- Coffee without milk or sugar. Puts hair on your chest unless you are naked mole rat like me. Then it does nothing. Resisted honey in my peanut butter several times to the obvious displeasure of the neighborhood bees.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Breaking up is hard

It seems completely acceptable that a Bear fittingly named Pooh would be correspondingly addicted to honey.... Well the madness that is my sweet tooth has spanned all sorts of different sugars from candy to pie to dumping honey on everything within a 5 mile radius. But that stops today... with the elimination of added sugar from my diet.... including............ GASP......... HONEY!

Here are the rules. I am no longer allowed to add sugar, honey, or any other sweetener to any of my food. I must steer clear of recklessly sweet treats as well. This excludes molasses which you should google right now for its benefits. I will be using molasses very sparingly. No more sugar in the coffee, no more peanut butter and honey sandwiches, no more fun of any sort.

It is time to kick the addiction. I will keep a log of how this is going so you can all watch as I struggle.

Day 1- Mass cravings for sugar but I didn't break. Ate several bananas out of pathetic desperation.
Day 2- Three cups of coffee WITHOUT sugar (Sugar is only one of my many addictions... cough cough Heroine... kidding, mom). Resisted a delicious chocolate marble muffin. Ate raisins, apples, and bananas. Still crawling back to the sweets but at least they are real foods.
Day 3- Again coffee without sugar. Seriously eyed the sugar but didn't cave. My sweet tooth was satisfied by a fresh squeezed OJ. Usually the street vendors add sugar for no reason. Victory was mine as I had it without.