Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A bear with very little pants

Clap on

And on the fourth week, he rested. My training is on a brief hiatus to allow my poor battered body to absorb the work I have put in. With that being said, I have had more time on my hands (hence more blogging) than I would like. Here is a list of discoveries that may or may not be of interest to you:

Californication is by far my favorite tv show of all time. It makes Weeds look like Roseanne. David Duchovny has range like you wouldn't believe. He can play an alien detective and himself (sex addicted and yet somehow lovable scamp)

The Beatles actually are as good as people thought. The song Blackbird has made me feel feelings that I thought had left me the first time I heard Limp Bizkit, and that is an appreciation of music. Paul McCartney still is a bit of a leslie. (Interesting side note: My only celebrity siting was peeing next to Paul McCartney at a hotel near the Grand Canyon. He didn't wash his hands.)

Never allow your father near your foot with a scalpel. I had a piece of shell lodged very deep in my foot from swimming in Malibu and I allowed that monster free reign to do whatever he pleased with my foot as long as he removed said shell. Mistake. Not only did he fail at his one task, but he is like Bill the Butcher in the pleasure he takes in blood and the pain of others. He is an ER Doc. How reassuring. Not to discredit the good doctor, I think he takes a special interest in hacking me. To quote John Severin M.D., "well I'm glad you came home so I could cut you." I love you too dad.

Until next time, enjoy scraping ice off your cars.

Clap off.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Meditations from my thoughtful spot

Hello lovelies,

I am writing while juiced full of close to a gram of caffeine so pardon the following repeated letters and possible spelling errors as I have developed a mild tremor in the past hour. Updates are a beautiful thing and today they are exceptionally gorgeous. I will start with the hum drum nonsense of training. Don't get me wrong, I live and breath training. I probably spend more time thinking about triathlon than Seal does thinking how lucky he is to have snagged Heidi Klum or Rush Limbaugh spends desperately scheming ways to make Sarah Palin sound qualified to do anything more than clean the gum off floors at movie theatres. However, the news after the training update is way doper than Lindsay Lohan's nostrils. Sorry Lindsay, but everyone nose.
Anyway, the training is going so well it is filthy. I am just finishing up a three week monster build period highlighted by several jewel workouts that include 2x5k @ sub 6 flat pace w three minutes rest, and a bike set that had me at 6m, 8m, 7m, 5m @ 350 watts with 1 minute in between then 5x 1 minute @ 420 watts with the last one at 490watts. I am feeling spritely, but ready for a 5 day easy block. The next month will hopefully build off this progress to get me quite fast. Since I started this build I have increased my LT wattage by about 7-10 watts, dropped my LT run pace by about 10 seconds a mile and dropped my hundred pace in the pool by 2-4 seconds.
Better news! Some of you may know that one of my best friends, Mason Barker, is in the hospital. He was hit by a car training for Ironman Wisconsin and has been in a coma for some time. Well, he has started recovering! He spoke for the first time one week ago and I went home this past weekend and went to visit. We talked for about an hour! It was amazing. An actual conversation. We talked about our road trip, his first triathlon, collegiate nationals, the stock market, and his addiction to whey protein. He remembers it all and I am so pumped for his recovery process. He is tough as nails and I can't wait for Mason to be back in action. If you aren't already, throw a few prayers Mason's way.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

bearly survived

Mood: too tired and sore to feel feelings

First running speed workout with the UCLA team and it wrecked me. 3x1 mile at 5k pace with 30 sec rest between each then 4x800 @ 3k pace with 60 secs between. Grand total of 5 miles at 3k-5k pace. The Lactic Acid was everywhere. I had to shake my arms out after every rep because it was like battery acid in my bloodstream...

In other news, Tracy showed me this dope link. It is pretty funny and is my youtube video of the week:

You will be pleased if you take the time to watch it.

Weather of the day: 65 and sunny, what's yours?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

So excited I can bearly stand it.

Mood: eating sunshine and pooping chirping bluebirds and rainbows

Yesterday marked the beginning of an 8 week killer training block. I have been thinking about it for days. It's like triathlon christmas when you are allowed to go hard. I hate constantly reeling myself in so I love the time of year when I can unleash myself on myself. I kicked it off with a 20 minute vo2 run followed by a 30 minute LT bike. Both were quite painful but went reasonably well. Today was a 60 miler on Highway one. My legs feel like luke warm oatmeal and I am looking forward to the rest day tomorrow. I will keep you posted on how everything is going. This next two months will be a real gut check as I am doing most of these workouts solo. The cry baby devil on my shoulder who always encourages me to quit is harder to ignore when people aren't around.

Food of the day: avocado, hummus, turkey sandwhich (toasted)

Quote of the day: Dammit, I lost another phone

TV show of the forever: weeds

Song of the day: what we do- freeway