Sunday, November 23, 2008

Base training smear campaign

Fellow triathletes,

I am writing to you to talk about the scourge on triathlon training known as LSD. Long slow distance. This monstrosity has victimized too many with false promises of go slower to get faster. Triathletes fall into plus or minus 5 bpm trap and there is no escape. I have a term for base training: junk mileage. Obviously endurance training is important but abandoning speed is not the answer. Mixing up workouts keeps your body fresh and prevents you from forgetting how to fly. Racing is not just like riding a bike. You can lose it. Racing is RIDING a bike. Do speed, forget LSD.

I am a bear of very little brain and I approve this message

Monday, November 17, 2008

MaliBear and excitement


It's been a long time, blogging community. You've gained weight. You still look good. I guess it's the off season and holidays and what not. Either way, I just am writing to tell you that this bear of very little brain is on the move! I am head to cali to work for Nokia as a package designer. I am fleeing from winter as fast as I consume a pound of honey. (actually quite fast) The training should be stellar as I am going to Calabasas. It is about an hour outside of LA and the mountains are on both sides. I have also gotten in contact with the UCLA tri team and look forward to joining a new collegiate club! Thought you outta know, bloggers. Please don't cry, blogging community. Your makeup is smearing. Never fear, the internet will always connect us.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Electoral Bear

So, after you have got your voting juices flowing by passing things like medical marijuana proposal and becoming part of the ObamaNation (no pun intended), we must turn our attention to the only thing that really matters. Triathlon is that issue.

Chris Sweet, an evotri member, is up for 2008 Chicago athlete of the year. He is blazingly fast and also an incredibly knowledgeable and helpful individual. He represents the change we need in this sport. Read about the other meager candidates here.... athletes of the month

Voting information can be found here. Note that a couple criteria have to be met for the vote to count. Your e-mail subject line has to have "Vote 2008- Adult Athlete of the Year" Also, you have to mark BOTH a male and female or else the ballot is tossed like a hanging chad. Attach the completed ballot to an e-mail with the above subject line and send to:

As Putty says, gotta support the team.