Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The value of nothing

A wise bear once said, "Don't underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can't hear, and not bothering."

Sometimes it can be scary to look at Pooh through a philosophical lens. You almost want him to be devoid of content, like that half-witted elmo who interacts with his drawers and other furniture. Not so with pooh. While he may hide under the guise of being a bear of very little brain, do not be fooled.

I am in the middle of my taper and that is where the life lesson from Pooh comes in. I am putting my faith in A.A. Milne and hoping that his background in triathlon helps me with my Ironman prep. Time to trust the training and slowly wind down. To quote Sweet, "You can't do anything to make you faster, but you can definitely do a lot that will make you slower."

In other news about ME! ME! ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because after all, that is what we are all here for isn't it? I just moved into my new house and I am finally getting settled. It has an unbelievable bike room for the delightful east lansing winter and a gigantic kitchen that would make rachel ray throw up all that garbage she warms up on her food network show in an act of sheer jealousy.

May all your transitions be as fast and smooth as this one has been.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blustery Day


Yesterday I just completed a killer workout. It was an unholy union of difficult activities. I did a 5k in the pool followed by an 85 miler on the bike in a good deal of rain followed by a 10.5 mile run. It went so well I am totally fahklumpt. Talk amongst yourselves........... My heart rate was super low on the bike with good speed and the run was a bit sub my IM goal pace and my hr was super low. I also recovered incredibly quickly. However all of that is irrelevant. My main purpose for blogging today is to plug the greatest thing since kosher hot dogs. Coca-Cola. I drank a liter of it on my run at various intervals and it was like Manna. Rocket Fuel. It made me happier than Ted Nugent polishing his firearms. I will be guzzling Coke at the Ironman as sure as shootin.

Mazel Tov for reading this.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pooh's picks

The olympics are almost here and, like Michael Phelps is, I am only mildly interested. HA! I lied. I am so pumped and worked up I could eat coal and poop diamonds. I am definitely going to abandon all outdoor training to get on my trainer and plop myself in front of the tv for however long I can watch the U.S. beat the snot out of those godless communists. Here is my list of things not to watch in the olympics....

BMX (this will invariably get more coverage than triathlon... don't support this BS pseudo sport)

Rhythmic gymnastics (I have been pleading with the olympic committee to change this sport to something more interesting like re-runs of Roseanne.)

Equestrian (Unless you honor the horses by giving them medals and not giving the riders medals, as it should be.)

Be the change you want in the world!

Things to watch

TRIATHLON... at 1:30 am ( it is a highlight shot)

you can also watch live streaming online video... Matty Reed is my man... Hunter Kemper's wife went to MSU, which is pro and makes me pull for Hunter as well.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Heart Break in the Hundred acre wood

Yesterday was Steelhead. They canceled the swim which threw me into a blind fury. I lost it like Lou Pinella standing in line at the Secretary of State. They changed it to a two mile run which allowed the runners to lead going into the bike instead of flopping like dead fish through the chop of lake michigan and coming out six minutes down. Either way I had a really solid race. My ride was consistent and focused after the first few miles. My run was not spectacular but I was very happy and felt great through mile 8 then gutted the last few out. I think, had there been a swim, I would have come in with about a 12 minute pr which made me feel good about IM wisconsin.
On another note, meeting the evotri team was awesome. Everyone was incredibly nice and I am pumped to be part of such a cool group. They all raced well and I saw most of them out on the course doing the Evo jersey proud.
Now on to the tragedy. After the race my mom purchased a large quantity of fine honey from a roadside stand. The man suggested using honey in water as a replacement gatorade and I think I will experiment with this in the coming weeks. Anyway, I put the honey in my back pack and thought nothing of it. When I opened my pack to put everything away, I stuck my paw only to come out with a handful of honey covered in shards of broken glass. I was crushed. I tasted it anyway and it was incredible honey which only added insult to injury. Don't expect anymore blog posts for a while as I will be dealing with the crippling depression that this incident has caused.