Thursday, July 31, 2008

My thoughtful spot....

I am in the midst of a rest day as I get ready for the Steelhead triathlon. I loathe rest. I get antsy very quickly, hence blogging. You, poor blogging community, are my outlet. If you are like me and detest rest days, here are things that you can do to occupy your time until you can sleep and then wake up and be not on a rest day.

Watch Bob Saget Stand-up (Danny Tanner isn't actually funny, he is just foul so it's more for shock value)
Listen to Cake or Mark Ronson
Blog... ironic

Create Pizza
Pray for the sun to go away

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hunny: the movement

Today I embarked on a 140 mile ride. It was a rough ride like teddy roosevelt. Hot and dry like a kid with a fever using old spice. I also lacked proper nutrition. However, true to form I used honey and B vitamins as my replacement gu. Let me tell you, that is absolute rocket fuel. Pooh was firing on all cylinders and I powered through the day. Hunny! If you don't know you will soon. Hunny: the movement. Get on board. It's supported like obama in a jog bra.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood

Hey all!

This is second blog so bear (no pun intended) with me. Oh lord I am so awkward. Anywho, just thought I would throw up and update about the Spartans.

Me, Klingler, and Boyd ( buddies from the MSU tri team) went out to cheer at Ironman Lake Placid over the weekend. We had a fairly eventful trip through Canada that included camping behind a dumpster at a hotel and nearly getting arrested after being confronted by the managers of the comfort inn. They were not as hospitable as they claim. We will be taking our business to Holiday Inn in the future.

After arriving, we basically took over Ironman Lake Placid. We had 9 racers from MSU, 5 of which were IM rookies. All of them absolutely abused the course. The final finisher nearly brought me to tears with her display of sheer guts and determination. It was a horribly rainy day (14 hours of down pour) and she flatted three times in the pouring rain. Kristin Fredericks made me proud to be a Spartan. All of our racers really represented State well. They will be repaying our cheers as 5 Spartans, including myself, get ready for IM Wisconsin. I hope we can live up to the performance at Placid.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Hey all...

This is my first post so it will probably be as awkward as middle school. Case in point. Um well I guess I should explain my nickname. You might be thinking, "Pooh Bear, well that is a really dumb nickname. LOL!!!!!" You'd be right. However, allow me to enlighten you. Pooh Bear is a delightful animal who resides in the hundred acre wood. He also stubbornly refuses to wear pants. Neither of these traits are reflected in yours truly. But he also is a notorious consumer of Honey. This is where the nickname was born. I cover pretty much everything I eat in honey. While eating on a road trip this summer, I got so enthusiastic with my honey that I covered myself and my seatbelt with this nectar of the gods. Needless to say, the honey hardened and the seatbelt was no longer functional. It can be a dangerous indulgence.
So with the introduction out of the way, I will proceed with blogging on a regular basis. I will try to keep them short and sweet so no one gets irritated, hostile, bored or rumbly in their tumbly. To quote the wise and original pooh, “It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?""
I'd also like to thank evotri for the honor of joining the team.

-Counterfeit Pooh