Monday, January 19, 2009


Current mood: happy as clam

Hello bros,

You should have seen me today. I devoured the road, regurgitated it, then devoured it again. That's right. TWICE devoured. Classic me. Holy Moly. I am totally living up to all my year book pledges of staying cool. There were also many pleas for me to stay sweet, which I have been disregarding. I was striding the earth like a terrifying colossus, sending women and children running and shrieking like baby howler monkeys with every turn of my massive gear. The ground quaked and grown men sobbed like tiny baby piglets. It was beautiful and terrible.

If you want the secret, I will tell you bros. I input schnitzels, beer, and candies and output fear, death, and pain.

Training is paying off I am thinking. Tempo stuff with the tiny plebeian UCLA babies has been good to crush them and forcing the mountains to cry by burning their sides with my rubber has been also pleasing to me as well. But there is no rest as there is always more schnitzels and candy to eat. BYE BYE.

Candy of the Day: Milk Dud

Beer of the Day: Fin du Monde

Ice Cream idea: eat it with peanut butter

Music to check out: Wale... if you don't know, you will soon

Thing to scare of the day: Toddlers

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Big Willy Style

Hey there millions of followers,

Haven't written to you in a while... as all of you are, I'm sure, aware that I recently moved to Cali. Not just cali, Calabasas (pumpkins in spanish). Some of you may recognize this as the former home of Nick Lachay and Jessica Simpson, the site of one of Will Smith's 143 houses (google earth "big willie style" it is nuts), and the Kardashions. If you don't recognize this, you should probably read an US weekly or run away and never return.

This place is ridiculous. I haven't experienced bad weather yet. It has been between 60-85 since I got here. 85! in January. I ran onto the movie set yesterday, accidentally. They were filming a fake rain scene at an office building. It was midnight and no one else was out except me and the movie crew and a crane spewing water everywhere. Today I biked for 2 hours through the Santa Monica Mountains to the coast and back. It is a huge playground out here. The most beautiful place ever.

The BMC TT02 has been so sick so far. It has a rock solid bottom bracket and responds to every tap on the pedals by jumping forward. It has been the fastest adjustment to a new bike for me ever. It is made to ride. With this bike and the mountains, I have no one to blame but myself if I can't get fast. The terrain forced me today to put out three efforts of 15 minutes at 350+ watts. It was out of control. I was hacking and wheezing like a grandma sucking on an exhaust pipe.

In other news.... the obama party was today. Guess who spoke. Denzel, Tom Hanks, and........ KUMAR from harold and kumar go to white castle. Best pot movie ever, but I feel like making that movie should disqualify someone from speaking to thousands from the lincoln memorial. Maybe I'm old fashioned or maybe this is some of the change that Obama meant.

I'm off,

May all your transitions be as fast and smooth as mine has been to this new place.