Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Everything and nothing at all

Hey all,

Sorry for not writing in a while. Here is the long overdue and sure to be unnoticed update of my blunders and exploits...

  • I lost 40 dollars in penny slots- Very frustrating. I am just determined enough of a gambler to lose everything. I did drink heavily so that may have been a contributing factor.
  • I went skydiving- It was a birthday present to my girlfriend, Caitlin. She loved it. I thought it was kind of boring relative to the fear festival that I had imagined. It was sort of like being in front of a giant fan after jumping off a car going 25 mph. Snooze... wake me up when we're on the ground and I can ask for a refund.
  • I broke two hours in an olympic- My second time under that barrier and it was a legit course! I put together a phenomenal bike ride to get me in under 59 which was good for the third fastest ride of the day or so and gave me a cushion for the run. I came in at 1:58:30 after faltering in the back part of the 10k to run a 38 high. I haven't been truly happy with a performance since Ironman last year so it was really nice.
  • I am now very overtrained- The above race ruined me and ever since then I have been sleeping a lot (10-14 hours a night). Any ideas on how to fight this other than rest would be nice to hear...
  • I did a race across the state of Michigan. It was a running relay of about 290 miles. I will do a different post later to show you how wicked it was.
I am loving running right now. You should too. It is an amazingly personal experience that teaches you a lot about yourself. The cool thing is that racing is a group of people sharing that personal journey together. Whether you are first or last, everyone has a very deep look into their own mind. I think a lot of that is lost in triathlon as people are incredibly detail oriented and the soul searching gets forgotten in obsessing about nutrition, aero gear, the course, and the weather. Get in touch with yourself during training and racing and I think everything else will sort itself out. Sorry to preach but that is just the Tao of Pooh. Now go run and think.