Sunday, November 23, 2008

Base training smear campaign

Fellow triathletes,

I am writing to you to talk about the scourge on triathlon training known as LSD. Long slow distance. This monstrosity has victimized too many with false promises of go slower to get faster. Triathletes fall into plus or minus 5 bpm trap and there is no escape. I have a term for base training: junk mileage. Obviously endurance training is important but abandoning speed is not the answer. Mixing up workouts keeps your body fresh and prevents you from forgetting how to fly. Racing is not just like riding a bike. You can lose it. Racing is RIDING a bike. Do speed, forget LSD.

I am a bear of very little brain and I approve this message


Wil said...

Amen brother!

Sweet said...

Ahh crap the wee one is catching on.

How many of the same races are we going to be at again?

Rural Girl said...

I totally agree. How boring can it get!?