Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Team Evotri EPICAMP part I

Hello all you internet-dwellers,

I am in a much better mood since the last time we spoke. As some of you know, I recently got back from the Team Evotri camp in Chattanooga. Turns out that was what I needed to jumpstart my training. I am already feeling this will be a multi-part blog as I am starting to blubber and blabber like a teenage girl before homecoming.
Let me start by saying this team RULES. It is a hodgepodge of hilarious and very different people. It is the perfect mix and they are all the best. I was stoked for camp as I haven't seen the team in a while. This weekend was also the team's introduction to our new member and my best buddy, Matt Inch. The team was already amazing and now Matt's in? Come on, world... you are too good to me.
We all rolled into Chattanooga and headed to our cabin. Sweet found a cabin located slightly out of town and right on the Tennessee River. It was a log sort of cabin with a jacuzzi and a million rooms. Perfect. But don't take my word for it... look at the views:
The house would have made Shaq fire his realtor.

We started the weekend by heading out for a jog. We loosened up the legs and rolled through the backwoods of TN. In a one mile stretch, I would guess we saw something like 15-20 dogs which was odd/nice/loud. We also saw several houses with what Charlie deemed "eternal yard sales". The $#!@ was piled about as high as the house and was cascading down the backyard in some sort of unnatural, but still beautiful, garbagefall. Apparently this phenomenon is also called Tennessee runoff. I liked that. Not surprisingly, multiple dogs were hiding in the mounds of trash, ready to strike if you intruded on their territory.
After the jog, I floundered about in the river and posed for some glamor shots.

Next up was our much anticipated trip to the headquarters of Quintana Roo! That will have to wait, dear readers. I am getting sleepy.

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