Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fat Coffee

You have probably heard about this new fad and thought, "what the %$#@ is this world coming to?" Bulletproof Coffee is basically a coffee/butter smoothie.  The kicker is... it's billed as healthy...  Now dear bloggers, you may be asking just how exactly is putting butter in your coffee healthy? This all sounds incredibly stupid.  These are some of the purported benefits. Suspend your disbelief, I guess.
  • You get a 5-6 hour clean, even, burst of energy from high quality good fats
  • It is useful as part of fat adaptation protocol, signalling your body to look for fat as a fuel source and transition away from a dependency on grains, high carbohydrate and sugar fuel sources which swing energy levels and cravings up and down all day
  • Helps with weight-loss and improves brain function according to the BulletProof Exec
  • Feel light and not weighed down in the morning digesting a heavy meal, it led to increased productivity
So.... um, because I am a gullible and curious sucker on the whole, I just tried it.  Here's what I used:
  • 2 mugs folger's black silk coffee
  • 2 tbsp high quality UNSALTED butter.  The idea is to use grass-fed butter but Caitlin and I couldn't find it so we used the highest quality organic, hormone free blah blah butter we could find. Food that comes from a grass fed vs grain fed animal is apparently superior nutritionally.
  • 1 tbsp unrefined coconut oil.  Unrefined means it retains the coconut flavor. (medium-chain-triglycerides, the dominant ingredient in coconut oil

Notes/Results- The taste was actually surprisingly really good.  I won't go into detail because not knowing how it was going to taste was part of the fun of testing this out.  Generally I wake up ravenously hungry.  A cup of butter shake shuts that down in a hurry.  I usually chug my coffee but there is no chugging butter coffee. Slowing this down for me is generally a positive.

I was curious as to how this would impact exercise.  I immediately tested it out on a moderately hard 2.5 hr ride with pretty solid results.  Good energy levels for 2 solid hours of nothing but water.  I felt a bit of a dip in energy after that but until that point the energy was level, clean, and high.

However, the biggest benefit has been at work.  I feel very focused and efficient when I have this coffee.  It was shocking how much of a different it makes.

In short, I am sold.  I have been doing this for several months now and it has become a staple. Give it a whirl, bloggers.


Glan Deas said...

Coffee is good for fat loss. It reduce the calories of your body and your diet amount.

Kopi Luwak

Robyn said...

Do you eat anything with your coffee? I have been eating paleo-ish for a couple months now (including high fat/protein breakfast, but not bulletproof coffee) but feel like I'm bonking on runs lately.

JP Severin said...

I don't eat anything with my coffee. I use quite a bit of butter and quite a bit of coconut oil so it's pretty filling. When I exercise with nothing other than this in my stomach, I generally keep the workout easy and aerobic. Personally, I find I perform better on higher intensity workouts when I have some dietary carbs in my system. I would suggest slowing down/ shortening your am workouts if you are bonking on fat coffee.

marylou said...

Guess who just bought coconut oil? Guess who's ready for your next visit? You'll have to bring the Kerrygold. It's not in the budget :-)

Doug said...

Doing base work until Janurary. I'll give this a try. Fat things make me happy.