Thursday, July 31, 2008

My thoughtful spot....

I am in the midst of a rest day as I get ready for the Steelhead triathlon. I loathe rest. I get antsy very quickly, hence blogging. You, poor blogging community, are my outlet. If you are like me and detest rest days, here are things that you can do to occupy your time until you can sleep and then wake up and be not on a rest day.

Watch Bob Saget Stand-up (Danny Tanner isn't actually funny, he is just foul so it's more for shock value)
Listen to Cake or Mark Ronson
Blog... ironic

Create Pizza
Pray for the sun to go away

1 comment:

Wil said...

You ROCKED the course out there little brother, nice work! It was awesome to finally meet you in person. Can't wait to see you in Madison!