Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hunny: the movement

Today I embarked on a 140 mile ride. It was a rough ride like teddy roosevelt. Hot and dry like a kid with a fever using old spice. I also lacked proper nutrition. However, true to form I used honey and B vitamins as my replacement gu. Let me tell you, that is absolute rocket fuel. Pooh was firing on all cylinders and I powered through the day. Hunny! If you don't know you will soon. Hunny: the movement. Get on board. It's supported like obama in a jog bra.


Wil said...

Ha! Last line was gold. And 140 miles? Holy... nice job out there!

TriCajun said...

Honey...I'll have to give it a try.

Rural Girl said...

"supported like obama in a jog bra"?.......crazy
140 miles......nice job
see you at Steelhead

Sweet said...

Have you tried Honey Stinger gels? All you!