Thursday, June 18, 2009

When it's reppin' time

So I am on my new tt rig full time. It is a BMC tto2 (team evotri issue). We are still getting used to each other like college freshmen roommates. Being from taiwan, the BMC is a long way from home and it is hard being in a new place and living with a new person who sits/ sweats on it all the time. Tough adjustment.
Anyway, it is reppin time. Just to preface this, I will never hype up a product I am not all about. I don't care enough to blog about something that doesn't interest me. That being said, I am so into the zipp vuka aerobars. They are so cool it makes me feel like I want to drink a bunch of red bull and run around in circles, yelling, and pulling my hair out. But I won't.
Let me list the things that make these bars sick as a diaper rash (figure of speech)
  • s bend bars that have a 2.5 degree off set so they can rotate... I have them turned in and they literally are the most comfortable part of my bike... I was riding them unrotated and I felt like I was cultivating carpal tunnel syndrome.... rotating them was like a whole new world....

  • They are super aero as the base bar is so thin it basically disappears and the rotation allows you to bring your hands so close you can punch through the wind
  • Hoods are set up exactly like a road bike so it feels perfect.
The zipp bars are worth every penny. GO COP THAT SHIT.

In addition to all of that, my little jaunt in cali is coming to a close... This place is a playground. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:
Midwesterners... you don't have to put up with cold dark winters, slushy grey springs, and muggy summers. You don't have to pray to god to take your life quickly rather than endure one more depression inducing February. There is another way. But in california, you gotta pay. *THE MORE YOU KNOOOOWWWWW*

I am done at Nokia for the time being (June 26th)

You may be thinking, " What the snicklefritz, bro? What are you going to do now? If I were you, I would shut down and go on a chocolate cake and cookie dough ice cream bender. I'd listen to John Mayer until I threw it up from the sobbing that "daughters" brought about."

Cool down, bloggers. Relax or you might break your space bar.

Well here's a few things I am going to do in the next three weeks...

  • gamble
  • sky dive
  • run all over the mitten (a lot of miles)
  • see my sister who has been in switzerland for 7 months
So insane I'm a monster/
Not Bush but similar to his missile launcher/
Blog so you know the happening/
Usually lose touch when I'm traveling/
Keep it together everyone, because it beats unraveling

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Rural Girl said...

I can just hear you talking as I'm reading this!
Enjoy your last week of heavenly CA.