Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Check Check out my melody

Just raced the Ann Arbor triathlon. It is a big race in the midwest and gets literally all the talent out from Michigan and a smattering of pros from time to time. It is a really great race and also is literally 3 minutes from my parent's house.

Race reports are hard to read for me because Michigan State didn't exactly foster anything other than activities damaging to brain cells... So I will provide cliff notes! It should be like reading those god forsaken "tweets" except more dignified.

Race details: 800m swim, 14 mile bike, 5 mile trail run

  • bike route is literally the roughest ride ever in triathlons. gives new meaning to the word shit shaker.
  • run is pretty hard, slow, and sandy but it is that way for everyone so shutup about it.
My Race:

Swim (horrible but acceptable time due to great stroke):
  • Roughed up bad at the beginning by a guy who was intent on becoming intimate and then making me his boyfriend. Not the way you go about it, for any of you out there who are thinking, "LOL, so that's how you pick people up. I've been trying seduce people by teaching them magic cards."
  • Lost about 30 seconds trying to get some clear water
  • Swam a horrible line. I was pinballing all over the course like a moron.
  • Stroke felt amazing. Really smooth and good rotation.
  • 12th best swim out of 450
Bike (very solid finally):
  • No speedometer, just tried to catch my friend who drubbed me at collegiate nationals
  • Biked very hard thinking I had lost a ton of time due to the first part of the swim
  • 3rd or 4th best bike
  • Back to my normal self where the bike is the best after a two year hiatus of being a dumpling on two wheels
Run (bad first half, good second half):

  • Scorching t2 (fastest in race by 15 seconds)
  • Saw my friend for a second initially then lost him on the trail
  • Really weak first three miles mentally. Let my friend run away to about a 1:40 gap.
  • Really strong closing two miles and cut the gap to 50 seconds
  • 12th best run
Overall: 6th. Finally a good race. Now that I can run, all the disciplines are coming together.

I still have some weak points and need to work on my bike cadence and my pedal stroke, which is choppy due to biking on a bum knee. I also need to commit to running hills and get my leg turnover back.

Oh also, I won Chris Tucker's celebrity 5k a couple weeks ago. They gave me 250 bucks. 16:43 (it was slightly short). First W ever!

Next up:

Ventura Breath of Life Olympic triathlon (Jun 28th)
Waterloo Triathlon (July 12th)
Great Lakes relay (July 17th-19th)


Leroy said...

come visit me, poobs

Trisaratops said...

Okay, so much to say here...

1. Laughed so hard I almost peed my pantalones at this RR, picturing you getting molested in the swim!

2. Your new pic at the top of your blog is OUTSTANDING

3. Way to win the 5K and spank obese cats sleek weasel, you

4. Back off the pug comments or I'll open up a can of whoop ass on behalf of my supastar pug, Mugsy

5. You + Macca 4EVAH.

Rural Girl said...

Here's to the big W!!!
Good for you.

Rural Girl said...

Here's to the big W!!!
Good for you.