Monday, April 25, 2011

To Live and Die in L.A.

Hey Bloggers!

How are you? HA! Like I care. This is my time to shine...

I was out on a ride and decided to bring Cait's camera to show you guys how things are in LA. WINNING. Despite putting myself at great personal risk, I have managed to capture images of these famous LA landmarks. I'm sure you'll recognize them. Keep in mind, this was all on one ride!!

View from Charlie Sheen's Bathroom. He pees tiger blood.

View from Willow Smith's Helicopter Landing Pad.

View from Ozzy Ozbourne's Hen House.

View from Dr. Dre's flipped corvette

View from my brain...looking down.

Really it was just a pretty ride in the Santa Monica mountains that I figured I would share.

Sorry to be so surly and rude, Bloggers. I hope you'll keep reading. It was only a joke. Don't be so sensitive.

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