Friday, April 1, 2011


This video to me is absolutely NASTY. I sort of hate this nonsense about how this race is like life and the deepness of it all. What a romantic notion...but to me it's gritty. I tend to look at it like this: that girl let her guts and adrenaline take over when she could have just called it a day and that is what gets me about racing. She refused to listen to that little voice that says, "no, I can't" or "well I guess it's over" or "maybe next year". She knew there are no second chances. There are just discreet moments.

The best thing about this is that she actually won. Even if she hadn't, she raced and didn't just run.

My sister was there to see that race first hand. She races the same way. Damn, I love that. Not many people do, even at the pointy end of the field. I love to see that fight. It's good to watch hard ass racers.

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THAT's what I am talking about...!