Friday, June 3, 2011


After that luke warm, mushy rice sort of a race, I promptly bounced off to Mexico. It was mainly work related but that is a loose term as I expected it to be packaging stuff book-ended by heavy drinking.

This was indeed the case as I ended up conducting most of the business in a beery haze. How professional. We closed out a bar and ate what must have been nearly half a cow's worth of steak between 3 people. I also took down nearly a whole cheesecake, solo! I felt like I needed a stomach pump. Gluttonous. Anyways, it went well. I used a ton of Spanish which actually came back quite quickly...I don't claim to know really anything, but I can get my point across which is the goal of communication, eh?

Me and Tom (my manager) both got a bit of Montezuma's revenge (the squirts) from some sketchy Mexican food (tacos covered in mysterious brown sauce...foreshadowing??). We have sally American guts that can only deal with sterile baby food and things that have been washed forty times. Pathetic.

Then off to Michigan!!!! By this time, I was falling in love with the airlines all over again!!!!!! So magical. Seriously every one of my flight legs was delayed by at least two hours. I think it would upset the Wright bros to see how their beautiful invention has been perverted by Spirit and Delta.

I promise I will catch you up to real time soon! Listen, bloggers...some of us have lives. Relax and I will get to it.

203,495 people who read this also hate flying Spirit.

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