Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Forgot what I was talking about

I'm just going to word vomit until I catch up to the present...

I did some small race in Santa Barbara... I won too!! I swam fast and ran faster. Very good turnover on the run. Happy.

I then went to San Francisco. I went to see Matt Inch and Aaron Scheidies race 'Escape from Alcatraz'. And escape they did... Good race and awesome to watch. I followed them all over the course and relayed messages back to Aaron's agent, Carie. I got in about 25 miles of running in two days which was awesome. I think San Fran is one of the best running cities in the country. If you disagree, maybe you should spend more time running and less time reading blogs and then you would have a valid opinion.

The last few weeks have been a haze of over caffeination and over indulgence in its downer counterpart. I am now starting to level out again thanks to a couple deep sleeps.

Another note is the nastiness that is driving to and from SF was compounded by the fact that our camry is coming apart at the seams. The front exhaust is rusted out so now it sounds like a very impressive muscle car... with four cylinders. The slowest accelerating muscle car in history. It's pathetic. We took it in and are renting a retired cop car (Ford crown victoria). Now I see why cops, old people, and my dad love this beast of a car. It is a V8 sedan!!! It drives up hills like it is mocking the terrain and mother nature. It's so powerful it makes women and small children cry as it passes. It has trunk space to fit 4-6 bodies (no joke) and leg room to boot. Overall this is the best car I have ever seen and the fact that you look like an undercover cop in it means you can speed to your heart's content. Why, it'll be our little secret. I've already been perusing autotrader to upgrade to a cop car...with leather seats, naturally. You should too.

Now is time to gear up for the wedding!


Pharmie said...

Yay for the wedding! You'd better post pics. Oh, and I LOL'd over the running city comment :)

Anonymous said...

I agree-San Fran is the best place for running and swimming (love that bay)-but cycling there...whew...I don't know if I would have the huevos to do so!

Blogger said...

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