Friday, March 2, 2012

Starting from scratch

My wrist has finally healed and I am out of the cast just in time for my hamstring injury to properly stop my leg related exercising. Despite the annoyance of not being able to do my thang thang, I had to get back into swimming anyway. So since I couldn’t do any of the fun sports, I got into the pool. The swimming came back faster than usual which I am hoping goes for biking and running.

I am also taking out my frustration on medicine balls. Slams are the best release ever for the injured athlete. Throwing a ball as hard as you can over and over is the best. Outside of the pure anger of the motion, the best part is the dull unrewarding thud of the ball. There is no glory in slams… only the next slam. I have destroyed 3 medicine balls slamming them too hard which has been gratifying hassle for the sporting goods store. Balling also has been quite effective and, as a result, my core is stronger than usual. I look like pink, but I am way taller, a better singer, and a man.

My roommate, Becky, is a PT and has been scraping my hamstring. It’s an unpleasant process but speeds the healing. I started jogging lightly 3 days ago and I realized I literally have zero fitness. I feel like a combination of Cartman and porky pig. I am definitely behind the eight ball for this season, but it will be a long one and I will come back like the furious pigly thing that I am. Get ready for this swine to Ball OUT full force. More blogging to come as things are on the up on and up.

That's all folks.


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"Literally zero fitness"? Clearly you have never met me.