Sunday, August 3, 2008

Heart Break in the Hundred acre wood

Yesterday was Steelhead. They canceled the swim which threw me into a blind fury. I lost it like Lou Pinella standing in line at the Secretary of State. They changed it to a two mile run which allowed the runners to lead going into the bike instead of flopping like dead fish through the chop of lake michigan and coming out six minutes down. Either way I had a really solid race. My ride was consistent and focused after the first few miles. My run was not spectacular but I was very happy and felt great through mile 8 then gutted the last few out. I think, had there been a swim, I would have come in with about a 12 minute pr which made me feel good about IM wisconsin.
On another note, meeting the evotri team was awesome. Everyone was incredibly nice and I am pumped to be part of such a cool group. They all raced well and I saw most of them out on the course doing the Evo jersey proud.
Now on to the tragedy. After the race my mom purchased a large quantity of fine honey from a roadside stand. The man suggested using honey in water as a replacement gatorade and I think I will experiment with this in the coming weeks. Anyway, I put the honey in my back pack and thought nothing of it. When I opened my pack to put everything away, I stuck my paw only to come out with a handful of honey covered in shards of broken glass. I was crushed. I tasted it anyway and it was incredible honey which only added insult to injury. Don't expect anymore blog posts for a while as I will be dealing with the crippling depression that this incident has caused.


Rural Girl said...

Nice race! It was so great to finally meet you. I loved seeing you motor past me on the bike! Also, give your mom a big thank you for me. I heard her shout encouragement to me many times out on the course and I really appreciated it. Take care. I'm hopeful that you will get over the honey debacle soon!

TriCajun said...

It was great meeting you, JP. Awesome race!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice race JP! It was great to meet you!

And really?!? Honey instead of Gatorade?! Let us know how that goes.

Wil said...

Wow you're writing is good, funny stuff! We have the best farmer's market in the universe over here, I'll have to send you some of the local honey -- in a plastic bottle. Way to kill it out there, you were floating every time I saw you!

TriSaraTops said...

LOL at the Lou Pinella thing--did you throw a base and kick some dirt, too?

You absolutely killed that course! Great job--you will rock IMW!

Great to meet you! Sorry about the honey... :( I have heard good things about training with honey--it's like nature's gu, supposedly!

Caitlin said...

You ate honey with shards of broken glass in it?