Friday, August 8, 2008

Pooh's picks

The olympics are almost here and, like Michael Phelps is, I am only mildly interested. HA! I lied. I am so pumped and worked up I could eat coal and poop diamonds. I am definitely going to abandon all outdoor training to get on my trainer and plop myself in front of the tv for however long I can watch the U.S. beat the snot out of those godless communists. Here is my list of things not to watch in the olympics....

BMX (this will invariably get more coverage than triathlon... don't support this BS pseudo sport)

Rhythmic gymnastics (I have been pleading with the olympic committee to change this sport to something more interesting like re-runs of Roseanne.)

Equestrian (Unless you honor the horses by giving them medals and not giving the riders medals, as it should be.)

Be the change you want in the world!

Things to watch

TRIATHLON... at 1:30 am ( it is a highlight shot)

you can also watch live streaming online video... Matty Reed is my man... Hunter Kemper's wife went to MSU, which is pro and makes me pull for Hunter as well.

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Wil said...

Ha, the Roseanne comment got me all teary laughing, well done. SO looking forward to the Olys!