Sunday, February 1, 2009

So excited I can bearly stand it.

Mood: eating sunshine and pooping chirping bluebirds and rainbows

Yesterday marked the beginning of an 8 week killer training block. I have been thinking about it for days. It's like triathlon christmas when you are allowed to go hard. I hate constantly reeling myself in so I love the time of year when I can unleash myself on myself. I kicked it off with a 20 minute vo2 run followed by a 30 minute LT bike. Both were quite painful but went reasonably well. Today was a 60 miler on Highway one. My legs feel like luke warm oatmeal and I am looking forward to the rest day tomorrow. I will keep you posted on how everything is going. This next two months will be a real gut check as I am doing most of these workouts solo. The cry baby devil on my shoulder who always encourages me to quit is harder to ignore when people aren't around.

Food of the day: avocado, hummus, turkey sandwhich (toasted)

Quote of the day: Dammit, I lost another phone

TV show of the forever: weeds

Song of the day: what we do- freeway


Anonymous said...

i started watching weeds. it is fantabulous

Caitlin said...

1. Can the quote of the day be, "Don't fuck it up" instead?
2. I want that sandwich.