Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A bear with very little pants

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And on the fourth week, he rested. My training is on a brief hiatus to allow my poor battered body to absorb the work I have put in. With that being said, I have had more time on my hands (hence more blogging) than I would like. Here is a list of discoveries that may or may not be of interest to you:

Californication is by far my favorite tv show of all time. It makes Weeds look like Roseanne. David Duchovny has range like you wouldn't believe. He can play an alien detective and himself (sex addicted and yet somehow lovable scamp)

The Beatles actually are as good as people thought. The song Blackbird has made me feel feelings that I thought had left me the first time I heard Limp Bizkit, and that is an appreciation of music. Paul McCartney still is a bit of a leslie. (Interesting side note: My only celebrity siting was peeing next to Paul McCartney at a hotel near the Grand Canyon. He didn't wash his hands.)

Never allow your father near your foot with a scalpel. I had a piece of shell lodged very deep in my foot from swimming in Malibu and I allowed that monster free reign to do whatever he pleased with my foot as long as he removed said shell. Mistake. Not only did he fail at his one task, but he is like Bill the Butcher in the pleasure he takes in blood and the pain of others. He is an ER Doc. How reassuring. Not to discredit the good doctor, I think he takes a special interest in hacking me. To quote John Severin M.D., "well I'm glad you came home so I could cut you." I love you too dad.

Until next time, enjoy scraping ice off your cars.

Clap off.

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Rural Girl said...

Funny stuff; didn't wash his hands? Totally gross!