Monday, March 9, 2009

Revisiting my unhappy place…

Last year, I participated in a study for Gatorade where they pushed my limits in a ways make me a bit sick thinking back on it. Essentially the goal of the study was to cement the fact that gatorade is more precious than holy water even though it is colored sugar water. The structure of the workout was to ride at 30 min race pace for 2 hours. You may be saying, "LOL! BUT JP, that sounds like fuzzy math." Despite your annoying tweenage text jargon, you're right. Physically you can maintain this pace for 1.5 hrs as it uses all your glycogen. After that, it is a level of hell that is reserved for the war criminals and car salesmen. I did this workout 7 times in 2 months and it left me so overtrained that I was sleeping 14 hrs a day for nearly a month and I barely could manage a run pace I could have smoked when I was in second grade.
Anyway, I was told to do this workout again to kind of stamp the accelerator on the fitness. Naturally I was thrilled. Anyway, I got through it despite feeling like my brains were turning into scrambled eggs. Caitlin, my girlfriend, can attest to that. I talked to her after and I was about as coherent as an eggplant or a throw rug.

Also, I am trying a new thing lately. I have sworn off processed foods as a lead up to racing. I am feeling really good so far although ditching peanut butter and cereal has been the equivalent of cutting my favorite and most delicious arm off. I think it will help shed a few pounds as well which is helpful as I can't be dragging flab all over god's green earth.

My training is going really good right now and I am hoping I can really let it rip starting in April.

Things I am enjoying…
Oatmeal with brown sugar and butter
Chris McCormack
Training very hard

Things I am despising…
David Beckham underwear ads
People making jokes about "The View"

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mrzagata said...

organic raw honey. 'tis a beautiful thing.