Friday, May 22, 2009

pretty cool update

I met/ rode with/ had coffee with Chris Mccormack! You probably know him as the king of all things cool, interesting, and triathlon related. You may have been excited when he shook your hand or took a drink out of your waterbottle (this was me at New Orleans 70.3). Well he's a person too, apparently. A nice person who does a better job promoting starbucks coffee than under armour.

This was a cool start to a Wednesday. It was also funny to realize what a microcosm triathlon really is. I kind of felt like I was sitting with the president. Then I realized no one knew who he was outside of triathlon. I tried to relay this event to others and I got a ton of "who's that" and a couple "does he do triathlons too?" and several "I don't cares". People also questioned me for being so... I think the term was "dandy" about this guy.

I have never been star struck before (saw matthew mccaunehey running at a secluded beach and didn't give a flip) and finally when I am, apparently no one else realizes how cool this is.

Whatever... I also saw the Jimmy Kimmel show. What's that, world?? You care about JIMMY KIMMEL?!
Your idol is my BFF!


Rural Girl said...

did you really? I mean, really?
Well, what did he have to say?

Sweet said...

You my friend are a pro triathlete whore. You've been around the block a few times if you know what I mean!

Did you come out and race Triple-T?

Coming to WIBA?