Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holy health issues batman

That's right robins, I have been backhanded by the cold ice queen that is health related issues. The last month has been a literal hell on earth. Allow me to bring you up to speed. This blog will in no way do it justice.

1. Dengue Fever- also known as bonecrusher disease for how it makes you feel. Cute. My experience this pleasant little jungle fever (grow up) was a 7 day suffer fest. I had about 17 episodes of 5-6 hour fevers in that time span. It got up to about 101-103 and my back felt like someone hit it with a hammer and my eye sockets felt like they were in a vice. I couldn't imagine being sicker.

2. Food poisoning- after eating at places that would give you tetanus just looking at them, I got horrific food poisoning from a yogurt stand in a mall in the richest part of town (imagine a baskin robins in the hamptons or something). I think the frozen coconut was rotten and it took a while for my body to register what was wrong. OH when it did. There were serious fireworks. 6-8 hours of puking. (dry heaving/ legit pukes). That coconut got so deep into my GI tract that by the time it was out, I had strained my lower abs so bad that I am feeling it 5 days after.

3. I am currently sitting here, desperately hoping that I can make it to the bathroom in time in case a certain ... ahem urgent, frequent, and unpleasant issue arises. Let's just say this problem is not conducive to being stuck in a third grade classroom without random bathroom breaks. Dios mio.

there are several others little problems that will be divulged once a battery of blood work comes back. Stay tuned as my body falls into disrepair.

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Anonymous said...

hoping November treats you better than October. Check your phone. We thinks it's broke. Your whole family was trying to call you to wish you happy birthday and GOOD HEALTH!