Monday, October 19, 2009


2 huge whoas...

I just got over this horrible jungle disease called dengue fever (not jungle fever)
It is a high fever for about 7 days with bouts of intense eye socket, joint pain, and sweating... Oh my word. Nothing has ever been harder for me than teaching with this little illness. I didn't miss a day because it was exam week and I was compelled. I don't know why. I don't think I will be teaching again because I am too scared of getting sick and doing this again.

Second whoa was kona... holy shit. Chrissie was on fire. She shamed half the pro men's field and all the women's field. Someone should go after her and blow up like crazy... why not. Guaranteed Macca (if he had breasts) would be blowing to bits going after her. What is the deal? Anyway, Mirinda had a stellar marathon but was such a non factor after t2 that it was silly.
What can I say about the men? Chris Lieto broke my heart. What an amazing race. Huge courage and he almost got it done. Macca was amazing with his huge bike to make up for a poor swim... Should have had the race but a huge Mid Run BLOWUP (see my blog prediction) was certain... rallying from this was one of the most impressive things on the day. Raelart was stellar and Alexander is a machine and a bit lucky as it was Macca and Lieto's race to lose. A 12 minute deficit in t2 is something you shouldn't be able to get away with and I don't think he will again.
Potts? What the hell happened with the bike? Look at his splits in any tri and he should be up there. Who knows... but I still think he can win this thing.

I think I am signing up for IM florida.

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