Monday, March 8, 2010

Mi Hermana viene a la Republica Dominicana

My sister just left from her trip to see your friendly neighborhood author. I already miss her. She and I get along amazingly well as we are essentially the same person and I love myself. Totally night and day now, considering when we were younger I used to choke her with hockey sticks.

She got here on Tuesday. We explored the dirty dirty city that is my home. I liken it to a dirtier, heated up version of Cincinatti. Sort of like the carribean's armpit. Not exactly your ideal vacation spot, but cool in its own right. The city has mass options and I feel like we definitely experienced the majority of the stuff worth doing... mainly eating chinese food and pastries.

We also traveled to a small town called Las Galeras. The rain pissed all over for our entire stay there, but we still hiked to a cliff overlooking the ocean and saw whales thanks to the pro eyes of Caitlin.

My training was a bit off what I would have liked stemming from a couple off days due to the vacation. Definitely worth it, but I am back at it and I need to get to it to get the proper training fatigue for this block.

In other news, the english learners at this school apparently love Allanis Morsette... I played it for them during a reading exercise ( chosen by popular demand and they sang it like a kids choir). Really weird. They also like moonshadow by Cat Stevens. Ecletic taste.

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