Wednesday, March 31, 2010

you got served

Taunting pic at GOP after Healthcare reform bill passed

I just got served in my own unique way. Dengue Fever. Again. It has been horrific. I am sitting here, 8 pounds lighter, praying that the fever doesn't come back. The last two days, I have spent in bed for 97.25% of the time. The rest of the time was spent wheeping pathetically in a bathroom. Yesterday, I managed to drink 2 gatorades, and 2 cups of water... once the fever broke I ate a small cookie. I have a yo-yoing fever that is playing with my mind. It changes every 6 hours or so.
I am on Spring Break and getting the full pseudo malarial treatment from the island right now. What a pleasure. Caitlin has been incredible though. She organized getting us home from the hotel we were at in the middle of nowhere, she has supplied me with gatorade, and hasn't judged me for my feeble whimpering. I don't deserve it but I am clinging to this treatment like grim death.


Alex said...

Maybe god is trying to tell you to come back to the mainland already. Jesus Christ, boy. Also, we miss you.

RobbyB said...

Put it this way, at least you're not making midnight runs to the fridge.

Hang in there!

Cuzo Tim said...

Whimpering huh? I hope you can at least hold your booze better by now!

marylou said...

get checked out for malaria asap and call me. madre

Caitlin said...

Immediately following the publication of this blog JP decided to down a few quick meatballs. That turned out to be a bad decision.