Saturday, March 20, 2010

Smashing it

New training block started today with a pretty good hit.

1 hour riding @ Ironman effort to a beach... I swam an 800 all out then transitioned to a 30 min TT... I averaged 27.8 mph at 170 beats per minute for the duration.

I was gunning it in my 54-12 the majority of the way and literally making pathetic yelping noises when the effort became too unpleasant. I need to get more comfortable at that effort level. I almost blasted into a man selling lobster (langosta) on the side of the road.

It was unreal to go that fast. I nearly puked and my brain felt like piping hot lasagna. This training block is really going to test me.

Tonight is a 30 minute ride with MAX POWER efforts then a good run.


marylou said...

Is this craziness an idea of your new coach? I guess he didn't like the books you sent him, and he's making you pay. Any word from Cali?

Rural Girl said...

Love the descriptions; "my brain felt like piping hot lasagna". Where do you get this stuff?