Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Our honeymoon started off with a slightly ridiculous upgrade to first class. The seats were like something from the Jetsons. It was like a space pod. They laid completely flat, came with a free toiletry bag with sleep masks, more food than any body has a right to, and the knowledge that others were suffering in coach. All of the prior provided more joy than anticipated. Two naps, a steak, several deserts, and a full breakfast later we were in London. I had mistakenly booked a hotel literally multiple towns over. Idiot. We wandered around London for what seemed like forever. We discovered that the underbelly of London (where we were staying) and the people were, for lack of a better word, unwelcoming.

Finally we found our hotel and walked in to find a stinkhole in the middle of a run down and slightly seedy part of town. We flopped down, jetlagged, and napped until 8. We then woke up and wandered for food. We headed to the King’s Cross area desperately searching for platform 9 ¾. If you don’t understand the reference, read a G-D harry potter book already. We didn't find the platform as it was suspiciously under construction... I think it was a ploy to keep harry potter zealots away. However, we did find Lucy Abernethy's apartment building somewhat serendipitously. She lived and worked in London for roughly a semester and it was cool to see her old home. We found some Japanese food and it was excellent. The next day we headed back to King’s Cross and hopped a train to Edinburgh, happy to leave the poorly dressed and surly Londoner’s behind.

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