Friday, April 24, 2009

Chess Mate

Get ready for the best!!!!!! I ran pain free for the first time in a month and change. 10 minutes and it was not an issue. I have one thing to say to you, knee. CHESS MATE!!!!!!!!!! (watch horton hears a who now and go back and count the references)

Anyway, I have a race this weekend for a 2000 first prize. I am guiding my blind buddy and KSWISS athlete, Aaron Scheidies. He is the world champ disabled athlete so he is the real deal...going under 2 hours in an olympic several times. The race is a reverse tri with a 5k, 10mile bike, and 150 m swim... I have no idea why events this short exist or why they pay people to do them. Either way I am going to haul his blind ass to big big money.

Also, I am moving to the Dominican Republic! Caitlin (girl/best friend) got a job in Santo Domingo so.... I am getting learn spanish cds. It is one of her dreams to live abroad and I am pumped to tag along.

Songs that I hate:

Anything by the rolling stones except "get off of my cloud"

My Sherona

Things that I love:

Monkey videos!!!!!!!!!!!! Monkey are just humans without rules.

check these out. you will laugh, you will cry, you might even be disgusted. But you will be a better person for watching them....


TriSaraTops said...

That is so cool that you're a guide for your buddy! Hope he does well!

Are you for REALZ about Santo Domingo?!?!?! That is so cool! Evotri goes INTERNATIONAL! Woo hoo! When do you leave?

I'll have to check those vids out--monkeys = awesome.

Leroy said...

i just went on a monkey video tangent.

also, i had lunch with caitlin the other day, and long story short, you guys are sweet.

Anonymous said...

California sounded lame anyway.

Congrats on the move. I'm sure it's going to be nothing short of amazing.