Tuesday, April 14, 2009


USAT collegiate nationals is this saturday... This race really gets me going beyond any other triathlon or race. I jitters just thinking about it. My training had gone pretty well and I felt primed about 4 weeks ago which was ironically the day I got smacked by a car. Now my knee is the big question mark. It has already caused one DNF( a race the week after the accident) and one oprah paced half marathon at the tailend of a half iron race. It has been coming along much better since the half two weeks ago. The swelling is only minimal when I put force into it and I still have a few days to heal so I am hoping.
My team is ready to fly. We have three guys who should go around 2 hours or sub 2 and one guy who should be about 3-4 minutes back. This should be enough to mix it up with the better teams.
My goal: air it out from the gun and move the bike at a hard pace shooting for about 300-315 watts to leave a little in the tank and then let my guts hang out on the run. I want to hit the line thinking if that race was a half mile longer I wouldn't have finished.

The next time I write I will have taken it deeper than I ever have. It is time to find another gear.


Leroy said...

good luck poobs.

keep mas in your head when gritting out that run

RobbyB said...

Best of luck JP.

Don't forget the banana peel!

TriSaraTops said...


Ew...Robby's nasty.