Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Public Service Announcement:Pugs and their owners

I have a serious issue with how people personify their animals. There is something that is so backwards about a world where people are starving and animals take on their owner's obesity.

Case Study: Star Jones and Mikey the Rotweiller

Mikey didn't chose this life. Star forced it on him. Do you think Mikey chose to wear that ridiculous necklace? Someone needs to stop that pushy monster before that dog breaks his own legs.

However, much worse than Star Jones' transgressions are those of pug owners. These people are so blinded by their own devotion to these horrible creatures. It drives them to name them human names like steve, charles, or chester because they think it is cute or something. I think the thought process goes something like this...

"OOOOOOOO he's my little man! LOL... what should I call him???? OH I KNOW! I'll name him James Snugglesworth the Third because he is such a proper little gentlemen. LOL!"

for example of this... watch this video and listen to how this man talks to this animal. Note how he says, "Look at that stoagie! WOOWWW."


They are also blinded to the pug's hideous features. It looks like someone took a normal dog and beat its face with a shovel then put it in a microwave. Not noticing this is sort of like a new parent not realizing that they have the ugliest baby in the world.

Someone should tell them. The pug is easily in the top three ugliest things in nature which puts it in the rare company of the proboscis monkey and Beans from Even Stevens

I don't mean to hurt any feelings (sorry for that cheap shot, Beans). The actions of pug owners really say it all.

  1. Everyone involved in this video forgot about self respect a long time ago
  2. Souldja pug (this is most boring form of animal abuse I have ever seen)
  3. this pug is so disinterested in bringing sexy back

If you have a pug or know someone with a pug, put that thing in the freezer as quickly as possible or drive a stake through its stubby tail. At the very least, neuter it. The pug owner will thank you as this will break them of that bizarre pug trance that drives people to dress the dog up.

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