Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here is the general rundown...
Race day was about 40-45 degrees with a water temp of 55. The swim was long. The winds were about 15mph. The run was flat and pretty fast. Times were incredibly slow. About 9-10 minutes slow.
My race-
Swim start was a bit of a shock as the lead group gapped me within 100m. I was then strung out swimming alone, but swimming pretty well. I came out a minute down to the lead group which was fine.

Got on my bike and had a climb right out of transition which was comfortable. I got going and immediately started a bout of puking that was unbelievable. My arm was covered in bile after mile 4. I didn't stop until mile 20. I couldn't put anything down until then without it being splatttered over my jersey. Also, the power on the bike was awful compared to New Orleans 70.3 which is 2.5x the distance. I was around 275-280 as opposed to 290 watts. No idea what happened but I biked like a dog. The good thing was I didn't let anything take me out of the race despite things not going my way.

Got into the run and felt good for the first 5k going through at 18 flat or so. The knee felt a bit tight but nothing like New Orleans. At mile 4 the wheels came off but I dug incredibly deep and held it together to average 6:10's which is pretty marginal. I kind of expected that as I didn't get to put in the run training I wanted after the car crash.

Overall- I was incredibly happy with my effort as I absolutely had nothing left when I hit the line. And what little I had left, I immediately puked up. I was pretty bummed about my place/ speed. I was as flat as old miller light. Sometimes the day is magic and sometimes your body does not show up to the party.

Best part- The team did brilliantly. One of my good buddies, Matt Inch, placed 12th with a stellar race. I constructed his month and a half long training block leading up to nationals so it was awesome to see the training pay off for him. We placed 5th out of 68 as guys, 10th for girls, and 7th overall as coeds. Really great performance all around. The best part was everyone I saw raced harder than I have ever seen. MSU raced with heart which is something not a lot of teams can say.

Here are some of the funeral I held for my bike... pregnant women and children look away.


Steve Stenzel said...

Sorry your race was a little rough. I'd love to do my first 5k of the run in 18!! Way to gut it out.

And wow - crazy to finally see the carnage that is your bike! Holy crap!

Leroy said...

poor shark machine...

Pharmie said...

Wow that sounds like one nasty day. You've got guts, man. Unfortunately, it sounds like they tried to come out during the race. Way to stick it out!

RobbyB said...

You are one tough dude.

Way to leave it all (and I mean all) of it out there.d

Rural Girl said...

"Sometimes the day is magic and sometimes your body doesn't show up to the party."
Couldn't agree more.
Sounds like you gutted it out (no pun intended) to the best of your ability. There's something to be said for that.
Nasty bike pics. You're a lucky guy.

TriSaraTops said...

Sorry you hurled your guts out...bummer. But way to have a solid effort nonetheless!

I just shed a tear for your bike. Rest in PEACE, yo.