Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Johnny Rocket

Haven’t posted in a while and let me tell you. SHIT HAS BEEN GOING DOWN.

I met a dude named Anthony at an overpriced bike shop. He seemed pretty cool and had just qualified for Kona with a 9:35 at Arizona. We talked a bit and agreed to train sometime. Usually this would be blowing smoke but I actually followed through. MAN DATE! On Saturday, we set out to a pool in Santa Monica. Amazing 50m pool and really solid swim set. 20x100 and we were moving like sleek beavers in a muddy river.

After that, we headed to a diner for some breakfast. As we were talking in line, Cameron Diaz walked in! We tried not to notice as I’m sure she loves gawkers. She smelled like rotten Salmon for some reason.

That last part was a lie just to check if you’re paying attention.

We then headed to Highway 1 as it was time to ride bikes. Basically 40 miles pretty comfortable, charging all the hills.

It was really good day of work and my man date was so good that we have a ride on the docket for tomorrow. He is even getting me out of bed for early training. I am blushing. He nicknamed me Johnny Rocket.

I was so pumped to meet someone so even. We are going to smash each other for the next 3 months.

Stay tuned for a hilly race report from Triple T. 4 hilly races in 3 hilly days. Total hilly distance of a hilly Ironman.

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