Thursday, May 27, 2010

Red Wine and Ambien!

Now that I've got your attention....

Here's some weird stuff that I have seen... This is all true.

Paris Hilton at a starbucks. Her dog was dyed green in parts and had a shirt on that said something about being a bitch.... She has class out her ass.

An ad for breast milk??? Yes, bloggers it's true. It featured a baby with milk dribbling down its chin and said "Breast Milk Satisfies".... who is making money off this? I can't believe this world.

A mantra at a Fish House that said "In Fish we trust".... I refuse to put any blind trust in fish. They barely have a nervous system. I am not putting any eggs in that basket. God will work just fine.

In other news,

I have been totally fat girling it up this entire week. That ends today. I am going to start focus on building a major base again with some sharpening stuff on the run. Ironman is now keenly in the crosshairs. I will stay honest with my diet and training and grade it weekly... For example this week will be graded

Diet- F (overeating majorly and eating out of the garbage would have led to a better nutritional profile)
Training- B (good recovery week in general... minimal running and everything else was light enough to irritate me back into actual training... not enough swimming as usual)

Alright check me out right now. I am going to make a cup of Peach tea and listen to Miley Cyrus. I just flipped your world on its ass, eh?


goSonja said...

You totally crack me up! I'm reading your blog from here on out!

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Ramesh said...

Ambien helps somewhat, btu the key is not usung it too often.i have a very high tolerance to medications, so i stagger the use of Ambien, and use it only when necessary. otherwise, i'd develop an mmunity to it.

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Ramesh said...

I have taken Ambien, on and off, for several years. I have bipolar disorder, resulting in a chronic sleep problem. 10 mg/day works well for a few months, then I become habituated. I have tried increasing to 20 mg/day, but I eventually become habituated to that dose as well, and neither I nor my doctor will go to a higher dose.

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