Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Turn it up a little bit

I have been feeling like old horse droppings lately. My appetite is going crazy and I am eating literally non stop. I find that this generally happens to me during recovery weeks and race weeks when I sort of taper. I go into full repair mode and apparently it takes a ton of energy (read food) to rest. It always screws with my head though because race week feels like I am incredibly unfit. But generally if I am feeling good race week, I am doing something wrong and I don’t race well.
My teammate Michelle was asked by her coach to send her 10 reasons why she will rip it up in a race she just did. She did this and then won outright! Baller.

I think I’ll try but only with 5.
1. I have consistently trained since November with only 2 weeks completely off for major sickness. See Dengue Fever and horrific weeklong food poisoning induced by rotten pork.
2. My biking wattage is higher than it has ever been and I am climbing way faster than last year.
3. I raced out of my mind at Triple T against a quality field.
4. I am swimming with a training buddy (Tony) and we are exceeding times in every workout we do.
5. I am more confident going into this race than any race prior to this…. Well let’s go for 6.
6. I went 1:58 at this race last year (1.5 min or so shortish swim) and I am fitter now.

Stay tuned.


RobbyB said...

Rip it!

Jennifer Harrison said...

I loved seeing this - I am Michelle's coach and always have atheltes write out the WHY they will succeed - LOVED YOURS!! GOOD LUCK! :))

Rural Girl said...

Yes, JP. Now go do it!!
I was just thinking how much food you probably can/do eat. My mother would probably freak out about the food bill!