Friday, June 18, 2010


Greetings loved ones,

Lately I have been on that fitness high that does not happen very often. The work that was tough early in the year, I am floating through right now... I got a major fitness bump from the Triple T and I am riding the wave of my base fitness right now.

I have punched it up with 400 repeats and some tough bike intervals as well. Yesterday I did 3 hours on the CycleOps POWERBEAM trainer. It measures power, cadence, HR and everything else you would want to quantify. It may be the dopest thing I own.

Anyway, while the Celtics game was on I smashed out some intervals. I set up the workout to do 2 hours of aerobic Ironman type work. I was working at 250-270 watts and keeping the HR low.

I then took a break and ate some stuff to prep for the major interval work starting in the 4th quarter. Depressing game as the Celts let it slip away in the last 6 minutes ...but great intervals.

I did 6x 3 minute efforts with short rest. Hold on to your seat. These watts are staggering for me...

The #s looked like this
1- 337 watts
2- 345 watts
3- 355 watts
4- 360 watts
5- 361 watts
6- 381 watts

The crazy thing is that this felt comfortable despite having majorly fatigued legs after rolling huge training the previous week and doing 400 reps the day before. I am fairly sure that my LT is around 345 watts right now. This is up from about 315 in peak fitness last year. That's outrageous.

I don't talk like this very often as I am usually not sure how I'll go or a little bit bummed with my fitness. But I am not either now so...

I have a race next weekend. Get ready for this because I am about to unleash my demons and tear down this course like something from your nightmares.


David said...

Awesome trainer work... So when you say your LT, does that mean the power you can maintain in an olympic distance tri in the 40K bike split?

Or is that something like functional threshold which is somewhere about 10% below that?

Anyway, awesome power work.... although I only weigh 145lbs, I could probably maintain no more than 290 for such a workout!

Rural Girl said...

Let the demons loose!!

Caitlin said...

You have over 1000 more hits than I do. My proverbial ship is sunk.