Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm talking with the MAN in the MIRROR

I'm asking him to change his ways... No question could have been any clearer... if you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a change

Despite some idiosyncrasies and the propensity to behave in a generally creepy manner, MJ is a genius. I am taking his words to heart.

Recently, I decided to get a coach. This isn't final yet but it is sort of gathering actual steam to the point where he/she asked me to put together a self analysis...

I figured I would do that publicly so you too, blogger, can look deep into the depths of my ugly dark soul. It will be like looking into the Tunnel in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory... mildly unpleasant and confusing.

Let's start with a healthy dose of general ability assessment.

Racing Strengths-

  • I would say I am a well balanced athlete meaning that I place reasonably evenly throughout the disciplines. I am not exceptional at any but solid across the three.
  • I am a baller in a wetsuit and people who dust me in the pool get served in the open water.
  • My bike is strong and getting better
  • My focus and ability to stay in the moment, especially during the run, are strengths that I have worked on since starting racing.
  • I also fancy myself as a mature athlete in terms of pacing
Racing Weaknesses-
  • I struggle with nerves prior to the swim and I feel I am weak minded during the first 10 minutes of the race and often question my motivation with negative self talk
  • I can't close down gaps during the swim if they open up... I can't change gears or won't (not sure if it is physical or mental)
  • I struggle mentally and physically in the wind (this is getting better...actually lots better but I figured it would be a good reminder)
  • Heat particularly bothers me and my pacing in heat is atrocious
  • My run split does not translate up from Olympic distance to the Half in any sort of respectable way
Training strengths-
  • I am totally in love with the sport... I am addicted to it and pretty committed.
  • Consistency in training is something that I am really hitting my stride with...I started a philosophy of never going 72 hours without doing each sport so I am really getting a ton of frequency... around 4-6 bikes per week 5-7 runs per week and 3-4 swims per week
Training weaknesses-
  • I negotiate with terrorists too much and alter sets/ workouts to make them soft too often
  • I don't swim even close to enough or hard enough EVER. It's hard to do alone but that is no excuse... I am going to join a master's club to try to fix this
  • I don't go long on a consistent basis
  • I don't do bricks on a consistent basis

What I like...

  • I love to run easy. Cruising around aerobically is so enjoyable and rhythmic. It is a beautiful thing.
  • I love to bike hard. I love hills, wind, intervals, snot, drool, and bloodshot eyes.
  • I love to do pull sets in the pool and love to swim in the ocean. My legs are really heavy so pull buoys are the bomb. Ocean water makes my hair look like Dragon Ball Z plus I love to swim without doing turns. I also like swimming continuously.

What I could do without...
  • Track running makes me a bit crazy. I get neurotic and I am not very fast so it gets in my head.
  • I hate easy spinning and tootling for long rides with lots of stops and coffee breaks. I am disgusted with meandering around.
  • Swimming in general is not that cool to me. I love to race swimming, but I hate training it. I hate going to the pool, I hate changing, I hate chlorine, I hate warming up and doing sets, and I hate the feeling that no time has passed since you got in. This is mainly cuz I do it alone all the time and it questions my motivation for this sport EVERY time I swim.

My overall training volume looks sort of like this...
25-45 miles running each week.... 4-9 hours of biking....3x swimming a wk roughly 6-10k (pathetic I know)

Most of this is done at a very steady pace with lots of hill/ big gear work on the bike, strides on the run, and lots of F%$^ing around in the pool.

I can't tell you my goals because that would be like showing you my underwear or the internal routing around the bottom bracket of my bike... some things are just too personal.

What do you think the coach will say?

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