Sunday, August 29, 2010

In the books

Still rolling.

Longest training day this year is done... 83 mile ride and 6 mile transition run. The paces were really good even with a decent amount of climbing. The run was really quick but the effort level was high. I am figuring out what I am capable of on the bike pace/ effort wise... what my tolerances are in terms of variations in wattage/ heart rate. I am getting close to hitting the nutrition right as much as I hate streaming gu into my system for hours on end. It boils down to gu, endurolytes (salt pills), and tons of water. It is clean and sits well.

That workout scared me again. Tons of work to be done still. I was laughing deliriously on that run thinking what a stupid thing Ironman is... it really is. It is an obscene amount of exercise. Gu had to be invented because normal food couldn't do the job for such stupid tasks. Salt pills? Seriously? How could this be anything but a fringe sport? Somehow it is growing despite how obviously idiotic it is.

Next up... long run, hammer fest bike, and SUPER distance bike.

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Sarah said...

When is the Iron man? Nov. 8th right? Sean and I are planning on being there unless we are super far away. What can we say? We miss you guys. :)