Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mr. Glass

I was feeling fragile after my recovery week. The return to normalcy thing took way longer than usual. I was tired all the time but not sleeping, cranky, and muscles were feeling train wrecked.
Friday came and I snapped back big time. I was ready to jump out of my skin. I called my buddy who is like a workhorse and smacks himself around on a regular basis. Big day training is just called Saturday morning to him.

85 Miles on the bike 5 mile run off... Good way to kick off proper "dress rehearsal" ironman training.

I warmed up and found myself sitting easily at 21 mph into a head wind. I was pumped. The legs showed up to the party.... Once I settled into Ironman pace, I found the flow. I just grooved the whole time. Head wind then cross wind then tail wind and I was slipping along like a bar of soap.

I ended up averaging 22.8 mph for 85 miles which was a big surprise with the wind and some major rolling hills. I ended at my car and laced up. I had gotten behind on my nutrition and was a bit dizzy but settled into the pace well. Finished and nearly passed out in a Sandwich line. Sandwich brought me back to life.

Sunday was long run... 16 miles @ goal IM pace. 3 loops of about 5.3 miles. Sort of mind numbing and 87 degrees made the last loop a bit hairy but I was pumped with how it went. 87 and dry is not the Dominican Republic but still....Not enough water... no electrolytes. Basically drank a bottle of soy sauce after. Gatorade should do a flavors of the Orient line... Replenish with EXTREME Soy Sauce Berry and Recover with RIPTIDE Kung Pao Melon.

Lessons Learned:
Need more sodium in both of these workouts
Need to eat more food on the bike (200-250 is not enough... shooting for 400 next time)
Need more water running... 48 oz per hour

I think I could have licked off a good Ironman this weekend but probably not Kona good. I think 9:15 is going to be the ticket... and that still may be on the bubble.
  1. Need to get the food right...(salt tabs)
  2. Can't overcook training...(1 big day per wk)
  3. Must fear/ respect the distance... (long runs)
Huge start to the 2nd training block!

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Trisaratops said...

That is some solid training!!

I would totally buy into the flavors of the Orient line...ha ha! Sign me up for some salt with a side of salt.