Saturday, August 7, 2010


I am sitting here literally stunned...

My buddy asked me about a week ago to accompany him on a ridiculous workout... 5k in the pool to smash yourself and then 10x1 mile repeats all sub 6.... Monumental task. I can only assume he asked Jack Bauer to help him do it but he must have been busy so he asked me.

After 4k continuous in the pool and 5k total we jumped on the track.

I led out and we hit 5:59 on the button. Comfortable.
5:57 comfortable
5:57 comfortable
5:54 getting there
5:50 hurt
5:57 comfortable again
5:56 seeing the light at the end
5:56 light is too far
5:58 pain
5:50 killed it

We waged lightning war on the track... I thought there was no way we would hit all of the reps under six but there you have it. 10 miles all under 6. The best part... easy is the wrong word but it was controlled and within myself. I probably could have knocked off several more...

One more week of thrashing then recovery.

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Trisaratops said...

You = animal.

Nicely done! I think I might be able to run one sub-6, if someone was chasing me with an AK-47 and a rabid bear was behind them. But 10 in a row?! Bitchin'.