Wednesday, September 22, 2010

HELP! I've got the sniffles!!!!!!


After a completely clean year (aside from Dengue fever and massive food poisoning early in the year) I am getting a bit of a scratchy throat. Couldn’t come at a worse time as I am starting my last massive training block before Florida. It is one of those colds that kind of saps your energy but not enough to really do damage. To illustrate, I just did a 16.5 mile run with no ill effects.

You’re probably saying, “ HOLY CRAP… I am totally in panic mode!!! LOL. What if this wrecks his totally awesome prep for Florida. He’s my hero and I can’t see him like this!!!!!! L”

Settle down, bloggers. No worries cuz I am all over it like Lindsey Lohan over a little bag of cocaine or Lady Gaga over some tasteless and offensive outfit. Here are my methods-

Mainlining pure cranberry juice and tea
Miso Soup
Popping B and C vitamins like Jan Ullrich pops ecstasy or m&m’s

This is an EMERGEN-C so I am reaching out to you, Bloggers. In your infinite wisdom, what do you do for colds? It needs to be fool-proof. COMMENT PLEASE!


Alex said...

Oil of oregano. Its like the only herbal hoohah medicine that actually has science backing it up - it kills bad shit, bacteria and virus alike. It will make you feel like crap while it kills the baddies though. Also, Emergen-C.

Mary Lou said...

sleep like your health depends on it (and good handwashing, so Caitlin doesn't catch it).