Saturday, September 18, 2010


Just got back from a 120 mile ride. I am swollen and my glutes are smoked.

The goal was essentially to do it just like the ironman... Same nutrition, same pace or harder. I knew it was going to be a monster. I immediately got into my 112 mile "set".
The course was moderately hilly with some decent climbs and the wind picked up just when I really needed it to. Mile 85... how nice. My buddies, Tony and Brett joined me but I was adamant about not drafting... or at least not for me.

Either way, I split 4:54 for 112 honest miles. When I say honest, I mean it was not a course giving away speed. You had to take it. It broke down to a 22.9 mph average. I turned myself out to do it. Mile 85-98 were right into the teeth of a 20-25 mph wind. I nearly threw up half from sweets half from taking it to the well... I was in a dark place then I hit the turn around and the last 14 miles were with the sweet sweet wind. I hammered it home... still in the hurt box but finished strong.

4:54. Wow. And yet training continues...


Alan Finder said...

yea...unfortunately you have to run a marathon with hammered swollen glutes...good luck!

Laura Wheatley said...

do WORK son! nice job!

Pharmie said...

You are such an animal!!!!! I can't wait to follow you in FL. Keep up the great work!

Trisaratops said...

I really think you need to consider training harder. I mean, seriously. You've been slacking off lately.

I KEED! You're a maniac. You're gonna tear up IMFL.