Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ride, Recover, Race Rev3

So on Saturday, I had planned a big brick to cap off a 2 1/2 week training block. I talked to my boy, David Quiros (UCLA triathlon club President and general beast of a triathlete). He was game to join me which I was super pumped about. After climbing through the canyon, I met up with him and headed up PCH. I wanted to get into IM pacing quickly so we started moving well.

The conditions were pretty great and we were smacking it into a headwind. Low HR and a 22.8 mph average for a comfortable effort. We turned around and cruised at 23.2 mph average back. Really solid pace given about an average HR of 138 or so. I left DQ and headed back through the canyons back home. Hoping I can train with him more as he is good company. Anyway, heading back home, I was greeted by a 103 degree hot box in place of Calabasas. It was like biking through the pits of hell or a really warm Cincinatti. Turns out, a bottle and half of water lasts about 10 minutes in hell/ Cinci. I suffered back and decided to cut the run... I was pissed as I was feeling spritely and ready to get into it...but 103 is something I am not uber thrilled about. Maybe if I was training for Kona.

Recovery from that ride was quick, but once I got into real recovery mode I realized the block of training had taken me deeper than I thought. Legs felt like acid and mac n cheese and lungs struggled to get working on easy days. I have finally come around and I am feeling ready to race. I am getting used to how long it takes to truly recover from big IM blocks. My biggest one is coming up and I am pumped to get into it. But right now, I am really only looking at this weekend.

Half Ironman @ Rev3 in cedar point. With the evotri team!

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