Monday, September 13, 2010

You want a Revolution?

Epic Weekend Part 1 (of 3): The team

The weekend agenda was the evotri team race: Rev 3 Cedar Point. I was pretty pumped about this race because I got to meet up with the team and because the Rev 3 series is KILLING it right now. The venues, the atmosphere, the coverage, and the athlete treatment are destroying WTC. If you haven’t done one, get on it. They are stellar. "They have a real solution to bleeping M dot price inflation and pro abuse... if you'd love to see the plan you can at"- John Lennon

I got into Sandusky and immediately took a quick run… Proved to be pretty eventful as I was in the projects and didn’t have access to the standard running garb so I was shirtless and in compression tights. Needless to say it was a spectacle. I ran by a guy who was dropping the eff bomb on the phone like crazy… as I ran by his jaw dropped and the eff bombs ceased entirely.

"Imagine all the people in the slums of Cleveland, running around in stupid tights, living for today."- John Lennon

After that, I met up with the team for some beer and food in Cleveland. We then headed to Cedar Point for some mildly drunken roller coaster rides.

The park was shut down which was ridiculous. We ran from coaster to coaster and basically road until we were sick. Highlights of the park were riding in the front of the top thrill dragster with Robbie B and riding next to Michele on the Maverick and watching her nearly boot all over the back of Robbie’s seat. To her credit, she kept the unholy slurry of mushroom and sausage pizza and several heavy beers down.

"What on earth you tryin' to do? Eatin' sausage pizza, drinkin' beers, ridin' coasters? Instant Karma's gonna get you."- you get it.

The next day was pretty standard pre race stuff except the last part. I capped the night off with Chris Sweet and Laura from Team Trakkers. They were wandering in our hotel and saw a giant Linus (from peanuts) mascot dancing in a club with strobe lights going off. He was dancing alone so we joined him for the electric slide, the sprinkler, and other similar pseudo dancing. There was a family with two 6-8 yr old girls. We were going balls out on the dance floor and the Linus mascot was dancing as well as a person can in a giant foam suite with barely any ventilation. Very weird.

"And Jet, I thought the Major was a Lady Suffragette. JET! JET!"- Paul McCartney (off topic for this blog and who knows what the hell he is talking about, but Paul was a hard drug user, raging lunatic, and couldn't focus to save his life)

Realistically, the title of worst, most useless Beatle is one that Ringo will hold forever, but Sir Paul is a close second.


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